Passenger reveals the revolting grime left on plane seats and why you should always pick the aisle – The Sun

A PASSENGER has revealed the horrifying amount of dirt and grime that is hidden on your plane seat.

The window seat fared the worst for the filth.

In the video, a passenger uses an alcohol-based wipe over the leather head panels of a middle plane seat.

After rubbing it for eight seconds, she then turns it around to show the black dirt that it took off from the seat.

The camera then pans to another two black wipes which were also used on the seat headrest.

However, she then compared this to wipes that cleaned the window seat and the aisle seat.

The closer the seat got to the window, the dirtier it was.

The aisle seat, however, appeared to have the least amount of dirt.

The video suggests that the reason it has less dirt is because it is cleaned more often than the other two seats due to the proximity to the aisle.

A company called Marketplace previously conducted a study by swabbing five spots – the seatbelt, tray table, headrest, seat pocket and bathroom handle – to analyse where was the dirtiest.

The worst spot was the headrest which tested for E.coli – a type of bacteria common in human and animal intestines, which means it likely came from faecal contamination.

Model Naomi Campbell previously shared her cleaning routine when she gets onto a flight, which includes disinfecting the entire plane seat.

She claims this is how she stays so healthy when constantly travelling.

A similarly disgusting video shows the amount of dust which comes out of a train seat when slapping it – with plumes of dirt floating in the air.

One passenger managed to avoid having a dirty headrest after she found her easyJet seat had no back.

A dirty headrest perhaps isn't surprising thanks to grotesque passengers.

A woman was caught with her bare feet on another traveller's headrest, prompting disgust online.

Sun Online Travel has contacted Air Canada for comment.

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