New Ibiza campaign wants to BAN all beach clubs and hotel discos

A NEW campaign has launched in Ibiza which wants to BAN all beach clubs and hotel discos.

The political group Podemos says the "noisy nuisances" are one of the island's biggest problems and don't fit in with the Balearic government's future shape of tourism.

They are pressing for a new law which would "put an end to beach clubs and disco hotels" which cause "serious inconvenience" to residents and tourists who just want peace and quiet.

Last week, the Balearic government revealed details of its new Tourism Law which is being aimed at "quality rather than quantity" and includes a raft of environmental improvements.

Podemos says it welcomes the proposals as it will be a "turning point" to redirect the sector towards a "sustainable model" over time and "respectful" with the territory.

But spokesman Fernando Gómez said one of the improvements they want to promote is to "end the legal limbo of one of the most important problems caused by tourism on the island of Ibiza, ie the serious inconvenience caused by the so-called beach clubs and hotel nightclubs."

Because of a legal loophole, they claim many are held without the right licences and have led to discos with music "at full throttle" and without the obligation to be soundproofed.

The worst, claims Podemos, are the beach clubs in the resort of Platja d'en Bossa.

Their "roar" could be heard for miles around, "much to the misfortune of the thousands of people who live there."

"But there are several other examples of beach bars or restaurants on other beaches that have become sources of noise and disturbance," they added.

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Podemos Ibiza is asking the Balearic government to strictly limit and regulate the activities and complementary services of hotels and restaurants in order to exclude those that cause noise nuisance and impact on citizens, such as "open-air nightclubs, mainly on beaches".

They will also claim that if they play music, "it should be at inaudible volume" outside the establishment or they should be ordered to close and soundproof.

The group also wants fine for those who "break these rules".

The Balearic Islands, which includes Majorca, Ibiza and Menorca, also introduced new alcohol laws back in 2020 but due to the pandemic, many party-goers failed to return since the new rules were introduced.

Holidaymakers staying at all-inclusive hotels across Magaluf, Sant Antoni and Playa de Palma are now limited to just six drinks a day.

Buying alcohol at shops is also banned between the hours of 9:30pm and 8am.

Fines of up to €60,000 (£50,000) can be given to anyone caught balconing – when drunk tourists jump between balconies in resorts – or anyone advertising party boats.

Happy hours, pub crawls and two-for-one drink offers have also been banned.

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