Mum slams husband for wanting five-year-old to fly by themselves – and everyone is saying the same thing | The Sun

A MUM slammed her husband after he tried to get their five-year-old son to fly by himself.

She explained that her husband had taken their son on a ski tip to Aspen with his friends.

However, he then had to fly to Singapore for a work trip – and wanted their son to make the flight home by himself, which was more than 11 hours.

She explained on Reddit: "A few days before they were supposed to come home, he called to tell me he had to go to Singapore for a meeting and that he was going to fly our son to me alone.

"I was in Paris and they were in Aspen so it isn’t exactly a short trip so I told him no as it was too long for him to be without one of us.

"He tried to convince me to agree as he would make sure he was on the plane and the crew would look after him during the flight and then I would be there when he landed but I told him I didn’t like the idea at all and he needed to fly with him or take him to Singapore with him."

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She said they had a "long heated discussion" and the dad eventually joined him on the flight to Paris.

However, she ended by asking if she was in the wrong after he made a "snide comment about how ridiculous" her request was.

People on Reddit did not agree with the dad at all – and said their son was too young to be on a flight by himself.

One person said: "That is waaay too long of a flight for a 5-year-old to do alone."

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Another agreed: "Your husband had unrealistic expectations with his demand and has no right to be upset."

A third added: "I don't even care how long the flight was, you don't send a 5-year-old by themselves on ANY kind of flight."

Others shared their own stories of young kids on flights: "I was on a flight from Paris to Canada a few years ago and my seatmate was an unaccompanied six-year-old girl.

"She was lovely and better behaved than some adults but I still ended up being thrust into the parenting role for her because there was a lot that she needed help with."

Someone else said: "I started flying cross-country unaccompanied 2-3 times a year at 5. I was always assigned a specific attendant and they checked on me frequently.

"That said, I wouldn't let my daughter do it now. I don't feel like the same care and attention is given."

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