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THE FORMER boss of an old airline has warned why more UK airports could close down.

David Bryon, ex-director of BMI Baby which ceased operations in 2012, said airports like Cardiff Airport also faced having more airlines pull out.

It comes just days after Wizz Air confirmed all flights would be cancelled from the regional airport.

The Hungarian airline had originally planned eight services for summer 2023, with destinations including Spain, Greece and Portugal.

But they confirmed last week that they would be closing their Welsh base, meaning none of the flights would go ahead.

However, Mr Bryon told the BBC: "Nobody in their right mind would look at investing in the airport as an infrastructure.

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"It's not an attractive proposition as an airport for an investor."

He claimed it's location was an issue as it was along the coastline of Glamorgan, meaning the number of nearby passengers was far lower than more central UK airports.

Mr Bryon also warned that more UK airports could close down after Doncaster Sheffield airport closed for good in October 2022.

He continued: "What I think was most alarming is, we saw an airport actually shut down with similar levels to Cardiff."

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"Doncaster was carrying similar pre-pandemic passenger levels of 1.5 million and sadly they announced in September that it's closing."

He warned unless airport can get above 2-4million passengers per year, it will be difficult for airports to "break even, let alone make money".

Other airports that see less than than one million passengers a year include Southampton, Leeds and East Midlands, as well as London City, according to the CAA.

Only 13 out of the 40 airports in the UK attract more than one million a year, with the majority in London.

Wizz Air was once the largest operator at the now-closed Doncaster Sheffield Airport.

However, it pulled out in June 2022, leaving just TUI flights remaining.

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