More room service items to come with a charge on Carnival Cruise Line ships

Cruise giant Carnival is cutting back on free room service. 

The Miami-based line in mid-January will begin charging for nearly all of the items on its room service menu, it announced this week.  

The exception: The Continental Breakfast on Carnival’s room service menu will remain free. 

Carnival already charges for a number of items on its room service menu. But until now, a variety of salads, sandwiches and desserts have been available for free from room service during most of the day.

The cost of room service items under the new format will range from $2 to $3 for salads to $4 to $6 for plates of wings, a Philly cheesesteak or a pan pizza. 

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In a statement on the change sent to USA TODAY, Carnival said the new charges were being added in part to reduce food waste.

Carnival noted its ships would continue to offer plenty of other food options that are free.

“Over the last several years, we have heavily invested in bringing more variety to our complimentary food choices across our fleet,” the line said in the statement. 

The new room service charges bring Carnival in line with other big, mass-market cruise operators. 

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