Man slammed by flight attendant for not giving up seat for six-year-old girl – but people are divided | The Sun

A PASSENGER was slammed by the flight crew after he refused to give up his seat for a six-year-old girl – but people have been left divided.

The traveller explained that he bought an aisle seat with extra leg room, because he had chronic hip pain.

However, a dad and his six-year-old daughter then asked if he would move so they would sit together.

He explained on Reddit: "Dad bought tickets the day before and had the seat next to mine, little girl had a seat way in the back.

"Flight attendant starts telling the story and all I could think of was why aren't they asking the people in the back to trade for the better seat?"

He said he told crew he wouldn't move, so thought that they would try and find seats together at the back of the plane.

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However, he ended by saying the window seat passenger was happy to move, letting them sit together.

He ended by saying: "I got death stares from the flight attendant (I didn't dare look around for other reactions) and was just honestly so embarrassed the whole flight…while sitting next to dad."

He asked if he was in the wrong to have refused to move, with some people saying no-one was in the wrong.

One person said: "They weren't unreasonable asking you to switch."

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Another said: "You probably are over exaggerating peoples reactions."

But most people were on his side, saying he wasn't in the wrong to stay in his seat.

Someone wrote: "You planned in advance and paid for that seat."

A second agreed: "If it was that important for the dad to sit with his child, he should have booked seats that were next to each other."

Another person shared their own story when they had a similar situation: "Last time I moved, I ended laid up for half my vacation because my back went out."

It's not the first time people have been divided over a flight disagreement.

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