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A MAN has sparked debate online by refusing to pay for his family to go on a "dream" holiday.

The man revealed that he did not want to have to pay for himself, his wife and his four children to go on a cruise, despite his mother-in-law pressuring him to do so.

In a post on Reddit, the man explained that it was his wife's mother's dream to go on a cruise with the whole family.

With her 70th birthday coming up, the mother-in-law sees it as the perfect opportunity to finally get everyone together for the big holiday.

However, the man said he was reluctant to have such a holiday eat into his savings and that he didn't want to pay to fulfil someone else's dream.

He wrote: "My mother-in-law who will be turning 70 wants her Birthday present to be a cruise with all her grandchildren.

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"I do not want to do it, because a cruise would be very expensive due to the fact my wife and I have 4 children.

"None of us are by any means wealthy, but I’ve managed to keep us out of credit card debt and have a modest amount of money saved.

"It’s not going to break us, but I feel like it would be a huge setback in terms of savings.

"My wife thinks I’m being selfish for not wanting to help fulfil my mother-in-law’s long time dream."

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Some users came out in support of the man, saying if his mother-in-law wanted the holiday, she should pay for it herself.

One wrote: "Do not hang your hat where you cannot reach it. Your mother-in-law can fund said trip with her own savings if she wants. It's HER dream to be fulfilled; not the family's.

"Your wife is wrong for accusing you of being selfish. You aren't."

Another agreed, saying: "We have $10,000 in savings, should we a) start college fund for the kids b) splash it up the wall on a day trip to make the mother-in-law happy?

"Not really a tough one, why is wife so keen to waste such a significant sum?"

Not everyone was on the man's side, though.

One user suggested he needed to work on a solution with his wife, rather than refusing to go.

They wrote: "Doesn’t your wife get a say over how you spend your money?

"And if these people have been kind and generous to you as you mentioned and helped you out, it may make for wonderful memories for everyone."

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