Man divides opinion after making his sister pay for entire family holiday

A MAN has been slammed after his sister said she always paid for his holiday – but people are split about who is in the wrong.

His sister, who said they rarely talk, asked online whether she was in the wrong for wanting him to pay for his own holiday.

She explained how her parents, her brother and her two kids go on a family holiday every few years together.

However, while she was happy to pay for her parents, she said she wasn't happy always covering her brother

She explained on Mumsnet: "Last time we went on holiday, I paid all the hotels. I don't mind paying for parents but fully expected brother to pay me back.

"We took turns paying for dinner. During the whole holiday, brother paid for 1 takeaway pizza for us all to share and said that he was happy to buy more if needed. Of course, no one asked for more."

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"When we came back, he never contacted me. He kept
on telling parents that he owed me for weeks. Eventually, mum told him that it was OK and I would not miss the money!

"To be honest, I don't want to be out of pocket because of my brother. I would much rather go on my own with my kids or/and with parents. I'm fed up of paying for someone who can afford their own stuff.

She added that they all earn fairly good wages, but wasn't sure how to approach the issue.

Most people were on her side, saying she should make sure he pays her.

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One person said: "Why would think it’s rude to ask your brother for his share in advance?"

Someone else added: "That’s just pathetic. He’s an adult, he should be able to sort his own holidays."

Another said: "Don’t let them manipulate you into this. You’re an adult, a clever and successful one so stand up for yourself."

Not everyone was on her side, with some saying she shouldn't be going on the holidays if it has happened before.

One person wrote: "You'll have to forget about the money or ask him for it. That's all. No need to approach your parents, its him you need to have a word with. You're not children."

Another person said: "Did you TELL him to pay you back? Without communication you can't argue what he should or shouldn't have done."

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It isn't the first time the internet has been divided over holiday problems – a woman split opinion after she was told off by crew for using her phone to livestream during a flight.

And a woman shared a video kicking sand at a man who sat too close to her on a beach – but not everyone agreed she was in the right.

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