Man builds amazing £39k campervan with tiled hot shower and smart kitchen from old builder's van during lockdown

A MAN spent his time in lockdown turning an old white van into a high-end luxury campervan – with a tiled heated shower and smart kitchen.

Furnituremaker Daryl Lloyd Witt, of Frome, Somerset, spent three months stuck at home turning his Mercedes Sprinter into a campervan.

From the outside it appears as if it’s a bog-standard builder’s van, but inside is a perfectly-fitted living area, with a boiler that powers the shower and sink, a stylish dining table and double bed.

Daryl has shunned the traditional VW Camper-style, instead giving his van a modern twist.

He said using a builder’s white van was perfect for his high-spec interior.

He said: “The white vans are a great size – you can fit everything you need in them and the fact they are essentially builders’ vans means they are quite stealthy.

“On the inside it is beautiful, it is a home on wheels.”

The 36-year-old has worked as a bespoke furniture maker ever since leaving school, but as a surfer Daryl always found the campervan culture appealing.

So he decided to step outside his comfort zone and design his dream camper.

Daryl’s latest creation is the second van he has adapted – when lockdown was announced he purchased the white-van style Sprinter, and started the project in Apri.

It took him three months to complete.

He said: “When I look at photos of the original van, with nothing inside, it really hits home what a transformation it has been."

As soon as it was finished, competition company Dream Car Giveaways bought it for £39,000, and are now offering £9.99 tickets to enter a draw to win the camper.

Daryl he hopes he can dedicate his career to building bespoke camper vans from now on.

He said: “It’s much more rewarding work, and I can build it how I want, I feel confident that people like my designs and they will sell.

“I’ve got some unique ideas for the next builds, which I haven’t seen anywhere else.”

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