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PACKING for a holiday can be a stressful part of the build-up – but one expert has revealed the big mistakes people often make so you can avoid them yourself.

Travel expert Mariel Galán has been exploring the world for 15 years, travelling thousands of miles, and shared her packing mistakes in Spanish newspaper El Pais.

Don't be disorganised

Before any packing starts, write a list of everything you'll need for your trip that way you won't leave behind any of the essentials.

Gather up your holiday items and organise them into categories such as clothes, toiletries, shoes, miscellaneous items and a first-aid kit.

And make sure to use packing cubes or vacuum bags to organise your grouped items – this will also keep your suitcase neat and tidy.

Pick the right type of luggage

There's nothing worse than desperately trying to drag a wheelie suitcase across a cobbled street.

Save yourself the blood, sweat and tears by picking the right luggage from the off.

Galán said: "If I am going to make more than one transfer or deal with winding roads, I choose a backpack; the ideal capacity is 50 litres."

For short trips, a semi-rigid cabin-size trolley suitcase will do the job, she explained, while a rigid suitcase will protect belongings on longer journeys.

Packing the wrong clothes

Don't pack impractical clothes and get caught short in a heavy downpour in just a pair of shorts and some flip-flops.

The right clothes should be chosen according to the weather, the destination and the activities that are planned.

Galán suggests packing clothes in neutral colours that will combine well with everything.

Just make sure to pack essentials such as a pair of leggings and a waterproof jacket too.


Holidaymakers often pack far too much, including the kitchen sink, when heading off abroad.

For trips longer than seven days, Galán packs the following: three t-shirts, two shirts, two pairs of jeans, a dressier pair of trousers, two pairs of shoes, four pairs of socks and enough underwear for the week as well as a light waterproof jacket and a bathing suit.

Avoid packing pieces that are similar, and prioritise garments that serve a double purpose such as multi-pin adapters with USB slots.

The suitcase cram

Avoid stuffing all of your belongings into your suitcase, and wear heavier items like jackets, coats and walking boots. she advised.

Carrying items like a camera, headphones and a laptop onto the flight will save precious luggage space and help your weight allowance.

Experts also recommend rolling clothes to save space because clothes stack much easier when rolled, and if rolled tightly, creases are also avoidable.

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Everyday essentials, such as sun cream, toothpaste and shampoo, will be available at your destination, so don't fret about cramming these into your bag.

In other travel experts have shared their top tips too -Ally McKenna shared her genius packing hack where she created more room by removing the stuffing from a neck pillow and filling it to the brim with extra garments.

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