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A MAN who has travelled millions of miles has revealed the big mistakes you are making when you stay at a hotel.

From taking too much to leaving it a mess, you are likely to have broken one of the "rules" yourself.

Daniel Gillaspia, founder of UponArriving.com, has racked up millions of miles to travel the world.

He said: "Even for experienced travelers, sometimes you realize that some of your routines and practices may not exhibit as much etiquette as you think.

"Below are a lot of tips that I’ve gained from years of traveling and speaking with front desk agents."

Here are just some of his best tips for hotel guests.

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1. Taking too much at breakfast

A hotel buffet breakfast is a great way to save money if you are out for the day, as you can take some additional rolls and snacks for your lunch.

Being too greedy and emptying out the croissant tray to take with you, however, is seen as bad etiquette.

He said: "Taking a few things 'to go' should be fine but sometimes you’ll even see signs on the buffet table that limit the items 'one per person.'"

We've explained which food you can and can't take from hotel buffets.

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2. Taking non-complimentary items from your room.

Similarly, guests should make note of what they can and can't take from their rooms.

He said lots of the items in the room you can take as you "already paid for these in your room rate".

This includes toiletries, notepads and even hotel slippers.

But things like the hangers and ice buckets? Leave them behind.

3. Leaving rooms messy

While hotel housekeepers will come to clean your room when you check out, they are often very short on time.

Daniel explained: "If housekeeping is going to come in during your stay, you should try to make their life a little bit easier."

This includes putting dirty towels in a pile in the bathroom, as well as putting all of the rubbish in one of the bins.

Or if you are staying but still want your room cleaned, hanging your current towels and putting your personal items in one area can make it easier too.

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