Inside the bizarre sausage-themed hotel where everything is about Bratwurst

If sausages are one of your favourite foods then you may want to check in at Germany’s new sausage hotel. (Vegetarians, you may want to look away).

That’s because the Wursthotel in Rittersbach is entirely dedicated to Bratwurst sausages, from the bed linen to the walls, as well as the menu and activities.

The room interiors are decorated floor to ceiling in keeping with the theme.

Think the likes of Bratwurst-printed wallpapers, sausage-inspired bedding complete with sausage-shaped pillows, and there are even dried out sausages hanging on the walls as decor.

Even the soaps are shaped like the popular food.

Guests who are really enjoying their stay can even send heart-shaped ‘sausage cards’ to their loved ones. Think of it as a bizarre take on the humble postcard.

Aptly opened in Germany, the home of iconic sausages such as Bratwurst and Currywurst, the hotel was opened by butcher Claus Boebel.

It’s said to be the first ‘sausage hotel’ in the world. There are seven themed bedrooms on offer in the cosy B&B, as well as business meeting rooms.

Guests also have access to the on-site restaurant. Points for guessing what’s served up on the menu.

Yup, sausages! But as well as traditional offerings, the menu includes quirky extras such as sausage-flavoured ice cream.

Visitors can also take part in a host of themed activities such as sausage-making workshops, guided tours of the butcher’s shop, and tasting sessions. 

Of, and for those who still haven’t had their fill when it’s time to check out and go home, don’t worry – you can of course buy some sausages to take home with you.

(You are able to bring meat products on a plane back to the UK, when you’re travelling back from an EU country).

The hotel only just recently opened its doors following an extensive renovation, and bookings are now open.

If it does sound like your kind of thing, you can find out more on the Wursthotel website .

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