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AN ex-flight attendant has revealed the seats you should never book if you get cold while flying.

A lot of people struggle with the cold while on planes, but some seats have a greater risk of leaving passengers feeling chilly.

Heidi Ferguson spent more than 20 years working as a flight attendant on both commercial and private planes and has revealed why some seats get colder than others.

She also explains how to avoid the effects of the cold, even when stuck in the wrong seats.

She told Best Life: "The coldest seats on the plane are window seats.

"The vent system is right above the windows, and the air temperature is cranked down super low on most flights."

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There are simple ways to keep warm however, for anyone who gets stuck underneath the vents.

Heidi continues: "I bring a pack of tissues with me and shove them in the vents for a far more comfortable experience. Just don't forget to take them out when you leave."

TikTok flight attendant Victoria agreed, as well as revealed which rows to avoid.

She said: "I've noticed that the majority of the time that it's cold it is between rows seven and 15 of the plane so if you're cold, avoid those rows."

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Seatlink.com founder Dan Suski added to avoid the exit rows too – he said that the draught from the doors often makes the air by the nearby seats cooler.

According to experts, the reason the temperature is so low on planes is to stop passengers from passing out.

Scientists have studied the link between people fainting while in the air and cabin pressure and temperature.

The study by ASTM International found that passengers would faint more easily while flying because of a medical condition known as hypoxia.

Fainting happens when the body tissue doesn’t get enough oxygen, and the condition is worsened by high cabin pressure and warm temperatures.

Fainting incidents as a result of this condition are actually surprisingly common on flights.

In order to curb the number of incidents, airlines decided to make their cabins chilly after take-off.

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Where you sit on a plane can also affect how easily you catch a cold.

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