I'm a mum and I swear by these three tips for travelling with young kids

CATCHING a flight with a young kid can be a daunting experience for any parent – especially if it's your first time doing it alone.

But a mum has revealed the three tips she swears by when she travels with young kids in a bid to help other parents out.

Kelly Burch has travelled the world with her two infant daughters, and she's picked up some hacks along the way.

The first thing she encourages other parents to do is to take care of themselves – not just the children.

While it's easy to spend all your time and energy sorting your kids out, Kelly warns it's still important to focus on what you'll need to get through the flight.

She told Insider: "It's easy to spend most of your energy thinking about what's going to make your kids happy. But the truth is, we are also travelling for ourselves.

"Make sure to take some time and space to think about how you'll take care of yourself during travel.

"This can happen on a basic level. When I travelled to Dubai with a three-month-old, I spent ages perfecting my carry-on with everything the baby would need, but I never thought to put in a change of clothes for myself.

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"When she vomited on me during landing, I found myself arriving in a conservative country in my undershirt – not my finest moment."

Her next piece of advice was to accept help if you need it. Travelling is tiring when you're doing it on your own, but travelling with a kid is a whole different ball game.

If you need to nip to the toilet, get changed or stretch your legs, take some help from willing people around you.

Kelly said: "When I flew a long international flight solo with an infant, my biggest concern was how I was going to use the bathroom on the 12-hour flight.

"I peed on that flight thanks to the flight attendants who held my baby and the child-free woman next to me who watched her doze in her cot."

Kelly's final tip was to embrace the small moments with your child on a flight. Try to enjoy the experience in a way that you couldn't do if you were on your own.

She said: "I'll never forget my six-year-old staring at the ground hunting for rocks while my husband and I gazed skyward, taking in the massive open spaces of Arches National Park.

"She was having as much fun as we were."

Kelly recalled another time she was flying with her six-month-old daughter and the airline rep asked if she wanted a meal for the baby, who was hardly eating solids, so Kelly began to say no.

The airline rep said: "I used to be a flight attendant. Get the meal. Eight hours into this flight and you'll be thankful that she has something new to look at."

Kelly said: "She was absolutely right. That meal served as a perfect novelty for my baby so I could eat my dinner in peace."

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