I'm a frequent flyer and here's why you should ALWAYS put a padlock on your hand luggage

PUTTING a padlock on your suitcase is fairly common practice, with lots of passengers doing so to keep their stuff safe.

But have you ever thought about putting a padlock on your hand luggage as well?

A frequent flyer has revealed the reasons you should always put a padlock on your hand luggage when you catch a flight.

Paul Seaby shared his advice on the question and answer site Quora.

He wrote: "Put a lock on your carry on. There are two very good reasons to do this.

"Reason one: on very full flights you may be told you have to check your carry on luggage.

"Usually people put their most valuable items in their carry on luggage because they assume they will have it with them during the flight.

"I know people who had valuables go missing when this happened to them.

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"Reason two: most theft occurs on the plane. I have read several times that most of the items stolen during air travel are the result of passengers going through other people's carry on luggage while they're sleeping.

"When you're sleeping, nobody will notice a passenger going through your luggage – they'll just assume it belongs to that person.

"Probably nothing will go missing, but give yourself some peace of mind and put a lock on your carry on."

Yet not everyone agrees – a baggage handler said that putting a lock on your suitcase DOESN'T stop people from breaking into them.

The baggage handler said: "It's literally not even a deterrent. Some might take it as a sign that the bag is worth searching."

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