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I'VE spent the last ten years working as a flight attendant and can now pack my bag without even thinking about it.

However, I always see passengers on my plane who clearly should've thought much more about their packing than they actually did.

People always put stuff in their bags that they really don't need to bring, while leaving important things behind at home.

Some things are obvious – you wouldn't believe how many people I've seen standing at airports in tears because they've somehow managed to forget their passports.

But there are a couple of items I only know to pack because of word of mouth from other crew members.

In this, my latest blog post for Sun Online Travel, I'll talk about two items I never leave behind whenever I fly for work or on holiday, and why they're both incredibly useful.

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The first thing I always take is my trusty bumbag – it's a total lifesaver and perfect for travelling.

I basically have got that forever packed in case I need a little emergency overnight kit.

Even if I'm doing short haul and for some reason something goes awry, I've always got a little overnight bag and it's got toothpaste, an inhaler, a hairbrush, little things that you just might need.

Even if I don't take a suitcase I can get my self spruced up, and I can also wear it underneath my clothes while I'm going around exploring.

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It's the perfect size for a day bag, it keeps everything safe and I love it. I know some people think there's a stigma around them because of how they look, but I think they're amazing and vital for taking abroad.

The bumbag I use costs £12.99 on Amazon from SZSYCN and is perfect to take anywhere.

It's waterproof, durable and can fit a lot more in than I was expecting.

The strap is big enough to be warn over the shoulder if you want, but I prefer around my waist under my clothes.

The next thing is something I picked up from fellow cabin crew members, but I now won't go anywhere without.

A travel cutlery set is so useful and I can't remember how many times I've ended up using it, on flights, or in hotel rooms.

The one I use is the Nuoshen bamboo travel tableware set, which comes with fork, knife, spoon, straw and chopsticks, all neatly held together in a fabric roll-up pouch.

Like most people, I like to go out for food when I'm away, but I can't afford to do that every single night.

Hotel rooms often don't have cutlery, meaning people either have to improvise, or limit their meal choices.

I've literally seen people using hotel pens as chopsticks before, when bringing their own really doesn't take up that much space.

The Nuoshen kit is the perfect size to fit in your luggage and means you don't have to think about meal choices when not eating out.

The straw is great too – it's a lot sturdier than the flimsy paper ones we get in fast food places nowadays, and it's just as environmentally friendly.

I use this kit way more than I ever thought I would and know a lot of cabin crew members who have them as well as me.

They're way more useful than you'd ever assume and cost less than £9 on Amazon.

Getting both of these has been a real game-changer for me and can make your life easier when you're travelling too.

You might even still be able to get them as Christmas presents if you're quick.

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Meanwhile, this £10 bag is also a great choice when only flying with hand luggage.

And passengers always make the same mistakes when they're trying to get off the plane.

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