I'm a Disney World super fan and this is the worst time to visit the theme park

A DISNEY fan has shared some pearls of wisdom for anyone thinking of visiting the parks in Orlando.

If you're thinking of booking a holiday to Disney World next summer, then you might want to think twice.

Florida native Rocky Perkins has been to Disney World more than 100 times, so he might know a thing or two.

He has taken to question and answer site Quora to share what he has learned over his many visits.

His main tip is not to go in the summer if you can help it, otherwise you're in for a "miserable experience".

School summer holidays are a popular time for British families to head across the pond to go to Disney World, but Rocky advises you go later in the year.

He wrote: "As a Florida native and someone who has been to Disney World over 100 times, I can only give you my perspective.

"If you can, do not go in the summertime if you can help it. Unless you are used to the Florida heat and humidity, it will be a miserable experience.

"Not only is that the most crowded time of year, it is the most expensive.

"Don't tell anyone (it'll ruin it for us), but go in September – December when the weather is milder – yes, you can walk around in flip flops and shorts then."

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Rocky also advised anyone thinking of visiting Disney World to budget for their trip, and know exactly how much you plan to spend.

His main cost categories were travel, hotel, park tickets and meals.

He continued: "It's not fun, but you need to know how much you have to spend in order to make any number of choices at Disney World."

He also suggested planning which rides and restaurants you want to visit and to book in advance.

Meanwhile, a former Disney employee has listed the things that guests should avoid buying at the theme park.

She said that one of the biggest things guests waste money on is bottled water, which you can get for free.

She said: "Instead of buying a $5 bottle of water every time you're thirsty – a trust me, you'll be thirsty – you can go to any quick service dining location around the parks and ask for a free cup of water."

Another former Disney employee has revealed how to get into the parks ahead of everyone else.

And another has shared the secrets guests never notice – from a ban on tan to an underground world.

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