I own 'rip-off' Mykonos bar – I’m sick of influencers trying to get free meals & tourists moaning about £50 lemonade | The Sun

THE owner of a notorious Greek restaurant accused of ripping off tourists with eye-watering prices for simple drinks and snacks has hit back to defend his "honour" – and slammed his critics as "influencers looking for free meals".

DK Oyster Bar, in Platys Gialos, Mykonos, has been bombarded with negative reviews from furious customers, who claim to not have been shown any menus before receiving bills for hundreds of euros.

One customer told The Sun Online he was charged £360 for four drinks and a snack at the restaurant on the Greek island.

Another wrote on Trip Advisor that he was forced to pay £50 for an "undrinkable" lemonade at the now-infamous bar.

While yet another spent £300 on a child's meal due to the waiter's sneaky tactic.

This week, honeymooners Lindsay Breen and her husband Alex, both 30, claimed to have been slapped with a staggering 400 euro bill for just a beer, an Aperol spritz, and a dozen oysters.


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The couple claim that restaurant staff failed to give them a drinks menu with prices on in before charging them the extortionate amount.

But responding to the couple, DK Oyster Bar's owner Dimitrios Kalamaras hit back and defended his prices, bragging that they are simply "beyond the budget" of some of his visitors.

And he claimed Lindsay and Alex were "influencers looking to get famous" by highlighting the shocking bill.

DK Oyster Bar previously made the news in May this year after the two American tourists took the restaurant to court.

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Woman stunned when 100 tourists turn up at her house after 'booking' it online

Brenda Moulton and her daughter Kaylea, 19, were horrified when they were charged nearly 600 euros (£510) for two drinks and a snack at the restaurant.

She said when complaining to her travel agent: "We spent a beautiful day at the beach but please, warn your future customers that the restaurant bar we visited, charged us €600 for two cocktails and a portion of crab legs.

"While we knew that the bill would not exceed €200, suddenly they asked us to pay €600!"

But Dimitrios was unmoved by his critics and denied claims that customers don't know the prices before they step inside.

He accused many of his reviewers on TripAdvisor of lying, and said following "dozens" of similar "false" claims, he had installed three blackboards at the entrance to the restaurant displaying his prices.

Dimitrios also said that "no adult in their right mind" would order a drink without seeing how much it costs first and told customers to discuss the price with the manager before they order.

We will not succumb to the influencers who have been attracted to the beautiful island of Mykonos

Justifying his higher-than-average prices, he said that DK Oyster's "concept" was completely different to other restaurants.

And he accused critics of being "influencers" who were looking for a free meal.

"Unfortunately, all of us who work in the hospitality sector have been approached by notorious 'influencers' who instead of making their living by advertising products and services to their audience, they put pressure on certain businesses for exorbitant fees and free meals," he said.

"In DK Oyster, we have advertised in the ways we consider suitable for our restaurant and we will not succumb to the influencers who have been attracted to the beautiful island of Mykonos."

He accused Linsday of "trying to get famous through Instagram posts," adding: "She claims that she 'repeatedly asked for a cocktail menu', and adds that 'the server didn't seem to want to provide one'.

"Despite that, she placed an order. An influencer, an experienced, well-travelled person who makes a living through their experiences in the world did what most adults in their right mind would not do, ordered drinks and food from a waiter who refused to present a menu."

He said that he reminds his staff to "carefully" follow procedures, and added that "they always assured me that they abide by the rules".

And he claimed some disgruntled customers on TripAdvisor "openly encouraging guests to come, eat and drink whatever they want and then refuse to pay the bills".

He admitted that some "may find our prices beyond their budget," but said they "do not appreciate the value of our services, cuisine, concept and experience".

Dimitrios said he had responded to some of the negative reviewers, trying to explain his prices, but believed many of the reviews were false.

"We believe that the value of the offered experience is high and we have no intention to explain why we charge more than a supermarket or a traditional taverna, which can be quite wonderful but is surely a completely different concept than ours," he said.

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