How to find accommodation in Budapest with tips for disabled travellers

Reader Allan Lofts wrote in with his dilemma.

Q: "My wife and I are in our sixties and would like to spend a week in Budapest in September.

"We want to go self-catering and my wife has multiple sclerosis so we need an apartment that is easily accessible, with shops close by, but fairly quiet. Can you help?"

A: Self-catering is a great idea for a city break, letting you live like a local, often in quirky accommodation, while saving you money.

Have you tried booking via Airbnb? The site lets hosts flag 21 accessibility features, making it easy to find a suitable place to stay.

You can filter search results by everything from step-free entry to doorways wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair. By using this tool we found some great step free options.

The listing “Beautiful Spacious Artsy Apartment for 2-3-4” was rated five stars by all of its guests and is from £12.50pppn.

The small flat is clean and nicely furnished in bright colours.

And while it’s near to downtown and an amazing market, previous guests report that it’s still quiet.

Or for something more upmarket try “Mid-Century Living at a Retro Pad in the Palace District” from 27.50pp.

This stunning apartment, full of original art nouveau features, is in one Budapest’s most sought-after neighbourhoods. And the Airbnb Plus accommodation is peaceful.

If you’re still unsure about accessibility fire off a message to the host.

Go to to check out the two we’ve mentioned plus eight other self-catering apartments that might suit.

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