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A HOTEL has provided four room hacks for guests preparing for any upcoming trips away.

The Raddison Blu Riverside hotel in Göteborg, Sweden wanted to provide its guests with some tips to help them make the most out of their stay.

Using their Tiktok account (@radissonblu.riverside) they revealed four simple ways guests can properly enjoy their rooms.

Firstly, they advised guests to use a coat hanger with clips to prevent light from coming in through the curtains.

Tiktok user @neat.caroline, is also a fan of the method for keeping her room in darkness.

She shared a video with the trick, in which she said: "Your shades or curtains don't close all the way? Use the clips from a hanger to keep them shut."

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Radisson then turned their attention to the shower cap and revealed an interesting alternative use for it.

They suggest using it as a shoe cover, if you're not planning on using it for its intended purpose.

That way, if your shoes are muddy or dirty from any walking you've been doing during your stay, they won't affect the rest of your clothes in your bag.

Hotel manager David Antico has previously recommended guests do this in a discussion on Quora.

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He said: "Hiking, rainy walks, and sandy toes are all part of the vacation experience.

"Put your dirty, wet, or salt-water-soaked shoes in the shower caps that come with your room.

"Keep the rest of your garments clean by securing the cap."

The Radisson's third hack was to hang clothes in the bathroom while showering.

They claim that this is a good way to get wrinkles and creases out of clothes, without needing an iron.

Laundry experts at Style Caster suggested people do this as an alternative to ironing too.

They said: "This is a fairly common work-around that many travellers in hotel rooms may find themselves using.

"Simply hang your wrinkled clothing in the bathroom as you shower and let the steam do all the work.

"Depending on how wrinkled your clothes are, you should see results within 10 minutes."

Finally, the hotel recommends putting a shoe in the hotel safe, to prevent guests from leaving behind important documents or valuables.

The idea is that, you'll need both of your shoes to get to the airport when you check out, so putting one of them in the safe will ensure you don't leave anything in there.

It's a method used by travel TV show presenter Samantha Brown, who said: "When I stay at a hotel, I do use the hotel safe.

"I put my passport in there, my travel wallet with all my credit cards…and my laptop.

"And then, the most important thing I put in the hotel safe is one travel shoe.

"Believe me, you will check out of the hotel, you will go to the airport and you will forget your passport, your wallet, all of your credit cards, money, your laptop, but you will not forget to put on your travel shoes."

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