Hotel beach bar in Bodrum, Turkey charges tourists £43 for kebabs and £65 to swim in sea – and local mayor blames Covid

TOURISTS heading to Turkey might not find their holiday as cheap after all as beach resort prices soar amid the pandemic.

A hotel bear bar in Bodrum has been found charging 369 lira (£43) for a doner kebab and 550 lira (£65) to guests who want to swim in the sea.

The tourist resort is popular with Brits who book cheap package holidays to Turkey, with low-price booze and hotels.

Turkey hopes to welcome Brits back this summer, as Turkish Airlines relaunches flights between London Gatwick and Antalya.

The country is also potentially an air bridge country which the UK will announce later this week to allow quarantine-free travel.

However, as once-popular resorts struggle, some have taken to charging the astronomical fees.

A receipt posted on social media shows the expensive kebabs, along with 61 lira (£7.40) for a small coffee.

Local media reports that some hotels with private beaches are charging customers up to 550 lira (£65) just for access to the sea to swim.

However, the mayor has defended the prices, saying he "doesn't care" if people want to pay high prices for food.

He said: "They can pay 100,000 lira if they want. But there are also places selling döner for 20 lira (£2.70) here.

"Businesses here are already taking a hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They can't make ends meet.

However, he did add: "Of course, that doesn't mean that they have to overcharge their customers.”

He also said that if Bodrum keeps offering lower prices, then guests which expect "higher quality" will choose Santorini or Ibiza instead.

Turkey is also introducing strict fines for anyone caught not wearing a mask.

Both nationals and tourists will face a 900 lira (£104) fine if they don't wear a face covering in public.

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