Hand luggage size rules and charges- from Ryanair and easyJet to BA and Virgin, here's what you can take on-board

Here's our guide to what you can take on board most popular airlines.

What can you take on board as hand luggage?

British Airways

When flying BA, you can bring one or two bags with you into the cabin – so long as they don't weight more than 23kg each.

One should be a small handbag or laptop-sized bag, and no larger than 40x30x15cm.

The other bag can be a bit bigger, with a maximum size of 56x45x25cm.

As far as hold luggage is concerned, bags should be no bigger than 90x75x43cm, with a standard weight allowance of 23kg.


Flybe passengers can bring two cabin bags, one case or bag with a maximum size of 55x35x20cm and one additional handbag or laptop case.

The combined weights of both bags can't exceed 10kg.

Meanwhile, hold luggage can be bought as an added extra, with baggage options ranging from 15kg to two bags for 46kg.


Easyjet only allows one piece of hand luggage, with a maximum size of 56x45x25cm, including handles and wheels.

You can pay extra for an additional cabin bag, provided it's no bigger than 45x36x20cm, but you can take on brollies and a duty-free shopping bag for free.

Meanwhile, your hold luggage can't weigh more than 20kg per bag, unless you pay for extra weight – bringing you right up to 32kg per bag.

With Easyjet, passengers pay  to bring hold luggage, with a maximum of three bags per passenger.

Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook hand luggage includes one bag as standard, with a maximum size of 55x40x20cm and a maximum weight of 6kg.

As far as hold luggage is concerned, the standard flight package comes with an allowance of 15kg, but you can buy an extra 10kg if you need it.

Long-haul passengers get 20kg of hold luggage included, whilst flight-only tickets don't come with any hold luggage allowance.


Jet2 tickets include one piece of hand-luggage, with a maximum 10kg weight and a size limit of 56x45x25cm.

Provided it's something you can carry on board, you're also allowed to bring a small handbag, laptop bag or any duty-free purchases into the cabin.

If you need hold luggage, you can book up to three bags per person, with no bag allowed to weigh more than 32kg.


Lufthansa flights allow you to bring one piece of 8kg carry-on baggage.

This bag can't exceed 55x40x23cm, although you are also allowed to bring on a second, smaller laptop bag or handbag with a maximum size of 30x40x10cm.

Economy tickets also include one hold bag, with a maximum weight of 23kg.

Virgin Atlantic

Passengers flying with Virgin can bring one piece of hand luggage with them, provided it's no heavier than 10kg and no bigger than 23x36x56cm.

Virgin flights along most routes allow passengers to bring one piece of hold luggage on board, with a 23kg weight limit and a size limit of 90x75x43cm.

On flights from the UK to India and Lagos, passengers can bring two bags with these dimensions.

Virgin will also carry one piece of sports equipment as part of your standard baggage allowance.


On November 1, 2018, the budget airline introduced a new hand luggage charge.

Passengers flying with the airline – and fellow budget carrier Wizz Air – will now have to pay a fee to fly with luggage in the cabin.

Until now, Ryanair customers who hadn’t paid for priority boarding could take a 10kg wheeled suitcase onto the plane for free but this is set to change.

They will now have to pay for priority boarding in order to take a bag into the cabin, costing £6 at the time of booking, or £8 if you add it on later.

If they want to check a bag weighing up to 10kg into the hold then they will have to pay £8 at the time of booking, or £10 to add it on later.

It will cost £20 to add a bag to the hold at the check-in desk, or £25 if you wait until the boarding gate.

The only baggage that customers can now take onto the plane for free is a small handbag or a laptop.

The maximum dimensions for this item will be 40cm x 20cm x 25cm. If your bag is too big then you will have to pay an extra £25 fee to put it into the hold.

It is worth bearing these fees in mind when booking cheap fares on the airline in future.

Those who booked flights before on or before August 31 as a non-priority customer for a flight on or after November 1 will get a free 10kg bag.

If you booked to fly on or before August 31 and bought priority boarding on September 1 or later and are due to fly on or after November 1 then you should have had this fee refunded – but you will still get to board as a priority passenger.

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