Fury at Ryanair app glitch that passengers say gives them wrong name then charges £115 to change it EACH WAY

Customers have complained on Twitter that when booking a flight for more than one person on the app, the bookings are automatically made with the surname of the person who booked.

This happens even if the two passengers have different surnames.

Customers have said that Ryanair is then charging a fee of £115 per person to get surnames corrected.

Twitter user Andrei Terentyev wrote: “When you book a Ryanair flight for someone in your @Ryanair profile, Ryanair substitutes this person's last name to yours.

“The ticket becomes unusable unless you pay €115 name change fee, often more than ticket price. Wonder how many people lost their money because of this error!”




Twitter user Ashton Jade Gibbs also claimed to have fallen foul of the glitch, saying: “A word of warning to my fellow travellers. When you book a Ryanair flight and select one of your saved passengers from your profile, Ryanair changes that person's surname to yours.

“You're then expected to pay a £115 name change fee, and they refuse to help at all. I'm livid.

“And that's £115 EACH WAY. I've looked into to and I'm not the first person this has happened to. So because of a glitch in THEIR system, I'm expected to pay £230 – five times what the tickets cost in the first place. Or £320 if I want to do it over the phone."

Another passenger called Rachel Xerri added: “Ryanair, it would be nice if you could help all of your customers that you have put in this position."

She continued: “I have probably spoken to four of you now with the same line repeated back about changing the name online for £115! Maybe you guys could have done your job in the first place!”

Ryanair told Sun Online Travel: "We were unable to replicate this apparent issue, but we can confirm there is no “glitch” with our booking system.

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