Disney to start charging up to 133 PER CENT more for food at its parks

DISNEY fans are used to saving up spending money before they head off to one of its parks on holiday.

But now it looks like they’ll have to save quite a bit of extra cash – as food prices are going up.

Disney announced on its blog that guests having dinner at the Beauty and the Beast-themed Be Our Guest restaurant in the Magic Kingdom will now be served three courses – with a fixed price.

The blog states: “Starting this summer, Be Our Guest Restaurant will offer an enhanced prix fixe dinner menu that boasts a variety of delectable French-inspired dishes and new offerings.”

Travel and Leisure reports that the fixed price for the new menu will be $55 (£39.43) before tip and taxes.

Disney promises guests that they will make guests feel “like royalty”.

The three-course dinner includes options like French onion soup, charred octopus and fillet mignon steak.

Disney says: “Our chefs are hard at work putting the final touches on… the kids’ menu.”

But guests will also be stumping up a lot more when it comes to money.

The kids’ menu bears the brunt of the price increase, rising to $35 for three courses.

Before this, you’d expect to pay $3 (£2.15) for a kids’ salad, $12 (£8.59) for the grilled seafood of the day – and dessert was free – coming in at $15 (£10.74) for the whole meal.

This is a huge 133 per cent price increase on childrens’ food.

And it’s not just kids' food that adults are going to be paying more for.

Previously, an adult would have paid $11 (£7.80) for salad, $22 for the ratatouille (£15.70) and $5 for dessert (£3.58), which comes to $38.

This is a whopping 44 per cent increase for an adult in the restaurant with the new price of $55 for three courses.

Customers could have paid even less up until now if they’d not ordered the full three courses – but this now won’t be an option at the restaurant.

And this isn’t the only restaurant at Disney that’s changing its menu to a fixed-price one.

WDW News Today reports that the Pinocchio Village Haus in Fantasyland, also in the Magic Kingdom, is also going to have a fixed-price menu.

The restaurant was previously a counter-service restaurant.

Sun Online Travel has contacted Disney for comment.

And it’s not just the price of food that’s going up at Disney parks – the entry fee is getting dearer too.



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