Chessington World of Adventures Resort: How to save money and beat the queues for rides and food

A FAMILY day out to Chessington World of Adventures Resort makes for great memories.

There’s more than 40 rides and attractions, a zoo with over 1,000 animals and SEA LIFE with daily live shows.

We've rounded up seven of the savviest ways to save cash and enjoy your day out to the theme park:

1. When to go

Chessington World of Adventures Resort is Britain's Wildest Adventure, so it’s inevitable that there will be days when it is busy – but planning can make all the difference.

The park is busier during peak season – Saturdays, Sundays and school holidays.

So, if you prefer a quieter day out, September and October are generally the quiet months.

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2. Tickets

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3. Where to park

Parking is £3 per car and can be pre-booked online or paid on the day.

Ten per cent of every car parking fee will be donated to the Chessington Conservation Fund which will help to protect the future of nature and wildlife through conservation work and education at Chessington Zoo, in the local community and worldwide

4. Plan your day

Pick up a map at the entrance and pick the top things you don’t want to miss.

Use the height sticks all over the park to make sure your little one will be allowed on the ride before you queue.

Prepare for all weather – if it rains for more than one hour continuously on the day you visit, Chessington offer a Rainy Day guarantee which will get you a free ticket back there another day, but check if there are restrictions.

5. Beat queues

To make the most of your visit on a busier day, arrive early and consider buying Fastrack tickets if you want to fit more rides into your day.

The first hour of the day is generally the quietest to beat the queues – so get to the big rides first!

Then make your way to the back of the park and work forwards, as many people start the rides from the front of the park.

For those with small children, Chessington offers special passes so that one parent can queue to go on a ride and then when it’s over the second parent can ride without having to queue.

You can also download the handy ‘Chessington Resort’ app on your phone to find the shortest queue lines for the quietest times, ride availability and daily offers.

It will also help you find the nearest toilets when your young ones need to go.

6. Dining tricks

Bring your own water bottles in to the park to fill up for free at a number of fountains dotted around the park throughout the day – this will keep you hydrated in between visits to vendors.

7. Got a wandering child?

If your child has a tendency to wander off then go to ‘Guest Help & Information’ in the centre of the park and get a wristband.

You can add your name and mobile number to the band so staff can call you if they get lost.

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