Brits holidaying in Spain will need to wear face masks indoors until at least spring 2022

Brits holidaying in Spain will have to wear face masks inside until at least the spring of 2022.

Health chiefs fear a wave of flu this winter will "complicate the situation" and say it isn't the right time yet to relax the rules.

It it still mandatory in Spain to wear a face mask in indoor spaces though tourists don't have to when on the beach, in a swimming pool or walking along the shoreline if social distancing can be observed.

Minister of health, Carolina Darias said she couldn't give a date when indoor masks could be dispensed of and called for patience despite the improvement in Spain's coronavirus figures.

The country has now returned to a Covid low-risk zone, as the cumulative incidence rate fell below 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

The health chief suggested that remaining coronavirus control measures would be eased "little by little", but once the flu season hit, the healthcare situation could be complicated,.

She added: "Indoors we are going to continue with masks and we will see how the pandemic, which is declining thanks to vaccination develops."

The current rules state that face masks don't have to be used outdoors if a 1.5m physical distance can be maintained.

However, people must carry a mask at all times in case it is required: in anticipation of outdoor crowds or when going into a shop, office, restaurant or on public transport.

Face masks are still mandatory when attending large outdoor events such as sport, demonstrations or concerts, and they still have to be worn in cafes, pubs and restaurants at all times, unless eating or drinking.

You must also wear one when on public transport or in a taxi.

Nightclubs across most of Spain have now reopened and dancing is once again allowed on the dance floors, but masks must also be worn.

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