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A PAIR of TikTok stars who frequently holiday in Benidorm made a hilarious blunder after attempting to book a cheap hotel.

Graham from Middlesbrough was left furious after his pal, Darren, booked them into what he thought was private accommodation on the beach front.

After a long journey, the disastrous duo arrived at their destination, but couldn’t believe their eyes when he discovered they would be sharing a room with four strangers.

Eventually, they realised they had booked Hostel Benidorm Beach instead of a private hotel – and put the debacle down to Darren misplacing his specs.

The pair shared the disaster on a TikTok live stream where thousands were left in stitches at their mistake and pointed out where things went wrong.

“I’ve never been to prison but the night before I watched a TV programme about HMP Durham In the 90s and it just looked like that,” Graham told

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“It even had bars on the windows.

“I told the receptionist, ‘I can’t sleep here – can I have a refund as my mate is just sat there laughing at me’.

“My mate just kept saying, ‘I didn’t have my glasses on when I booked it’.

“Six bunk beds all next to each other with bars on the windows? Not for me.

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“It was then 2am and we were walking around Benidorm with suitcases looking for somewhere to stay. I wasn’t staying in no hostel with random men.”

Darren, or ‘Dazza’ as he prefers to be called, suspected something was wrong as they were on a transfer bus from the airport and couldn’t find their destination on Google.

The pair, who regularly document their trips to the tourist destination on TikTok, shared their concerns to their 141,000 followers.

Viewers quickly realised where things went wrong and pointed out they had booked a hostel not a hotel.

Graham added: “We arrived at the old town but we don’t usually go there so I put my live stream on.

“There was 1,400 people watching so I asked if anyone heard of it and where it was.

“Hundreds of comments were coming through saying there’s a hostel Benidorm beach not a hotel.

“I asked my mate to show me the confirmation but he couldn’t because his phone was flat.

“Finally some man told us the directions and when we get there it says Hostel Benidorm Beach.

“I just looked at my mate and said, ‘are you winding me up?’.

“He said, ‘I didn’t have my glasses on when I booked'.

“I got in the reception where it was very clean and didn’t look too bad to sleep in – well, how wrong I was! 

“We got to the room and there was six bunk beds and swimming lockers.”

Although the pair forked out £190 for five nights in the hostel, they found humour in the situation and posted about their blunder on TikTok.

“Ya couldn’t make it up,” said one user. 

“What’s he like lol,” said someone else.

Another user wrote: “Best live ever, ribs still hurting.”

“Couldn’t script it guys,” said another person.

Someone else wrote: “That the local jail?”

Despite the pair's reservations, hostels remain a popular option for people who travel the world as both a cheaper and more sociable option.

Sharing rooms with others can not only keep the costs down on holidays, but is also a great way to meet new people exploring the same destinations.

Not all require guests to share dormitory-style rooms either, with some even offering private rooms for cheaper rates.

In Benidorm, there are hostel bargains to be found, with beds in Hostel Benidorm Beach, the very place Graham and Dazza booked, from £24pp per night.

It also has some very positive reviews from other guests who have stayed there before, with its location and cleanliness both praised.

One wrote: "Brilliant location in the old town, such a welcoming hostel and brilliantly clean."

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Meanwhile, Dazza filmed another video in which he showed how cheap the drinks are in Benidorm.

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