Breastfeeding during take off can help your baby avoid ear pain while flying

While for most adults it's an annoying but normal part of flying, it can be scary and even painful for children.

The sensation is caused by pressure changes in the Eustachian tubes, which connects the middle ear, the space just behind the ear drum, to the back of the nose and the throat.

As a plane takes off or lands, pressure in the cabin changes but the ear can take some time to adjust.

For adults, dealing with the issue can be as easy as yawning to help open up the Eustachian tubes to help the air pressure equalise.

For children, whose ears are much smaller, this action alone may not be enough.

In some cases, it can be extremely painful, which is why so many children and babies are restless or crying during take off and landing.

It may surprise new parents but breastfeeding during take off or landing is a great way to help ease the pain.

It can even be done when the baby is strapped into the infant security belt according to Easy Baby Life.

But if you're not comfortable with breastfeeding your child in public, you can also use a bottle or a pacifier.

The parenting website also advised to wait until take off as flights can be delayed.

This trick isn't the only way you can make your life easier when travelling with a baby.

According to flight attendant Sarah Steegar, it might be worth taking a car seat on board a flight, even if you haven't booked an extra space for your baby, as bassinets are not always available.

She said: "If your child is actually a baby, take the car seat regardless.

"You might get lucky with an extra seat (especially if you’ve reserved a widow and aisle towards the back), and if not you can gate check it at the last minute."

The seasoned cabin crew also advised that you should allow extra time when travelling with a young child and to carry as little as possible.

It's also worth having a plan B as things don't always go according to plan and delays can happen.

Earlier this year, the Sun's Fabulous revealed how a mum was asked by cabin crew on an EasyJet flight to stop breastfeeding during take off.

The mother said she was previously allowed to feed her baby during flights to stop him crying so was shocked that she wouldn't be allowed to on this occasion.

The airline later said that mothers were welcome to breastfeed on board at any time.

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