Airline launches 45-minute Mile High Club flights – but they aren't cheap

AN airline has launched flights specifically for couples to join the Mile High Club – but they're not cheap.

Couples wanting to have sex in the sky can fork out $995 (£736) to jet off in a private plane and join the infamous club.

The Las Vegas-based plane charter company Love Cloud has two planes which are both decked out with custom-made foam mattresses and cushions all covered in red satin.

There is also a sound system, lighting system and sex position pillows to set the mood.

The founder of Love Cloud Andy Johnson launched the service to "help keep people from divorcing", according to the New York Times.

He said: "You come with a smile on your face, and you leave with a bigger smile on your face."

A pilot wears noise-cancelling headphones and stays in the cockpit for the whole 45-minute flight to give passengers privacy.

When the plane has reached 5,280ft – a mile – the pilot will tell passengers they can take off their seatbelts so they can get down to business.

After the flight, couples will be presented with his and her Mile High Club VIP certificate cards as a souvenir from the trip.

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The plane is then thoroughly cleaned before the next guests arrive.

The experience is mostly booked by couples – but in the past, the planes have accommodated groups of three or four.

One passenger revealed that she and her husband loved the experience, and that it wasn't their first time joining the Mile High Club.

Frelima Howard, 45, said: "My husband and I had joined the Mile High Club before, so to be able to do it privately was great. It was really nice and exclusive and private."

However, she said the 45-minute time limit wasn't long enough, and added: "I never got dressed faster in my life."

Couples can upgrade to longer flights if they're happy to stump up some more cash. A 60-minute flight costs $1,095 or a 90-minute flight will set you back $1,495.

If joining the Mile High Club isn't for you, Love Cloud also offers weddings, vow renewals or romantic dinner flights.

Passengers and flight attendants have revealed the worst attempts at joining the Mile High Club they've ever seen.

While having sex on the Love Cloud private plane is legal – is it illegal to have sex on a normal plane? We've got all you need to know.

These are the celebs who've joined the Mile High Club – including Liam Neeson and Kim Kardashian.

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