A private island in the middle of a Norwegian fjord that used to be a low-security prison is now selling for $3.2 million


  • A private island located in a Norwegian fjord is for sale with an asking price of $3.2 million.
  • The island comes with 30 buildings, hiking trails, and the potential to grow your own organic produce.
  • A boarding school for "naughty boys" was previously located on this island, which earned it the nickname "Devil's Island," per Daily Mail and Time Out.
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Ulvsnes Island, a private island in a Norwegian fjord, is on sale for $3.2 million. 

Norway is famous for its fjords, which are pockets of ocean landlocked on three sides. According to Aktiv Eiendomsmegling, the listing agent, Ulvsnes has panoramic views of one of these famous fjords, Sørfjorden, while remaining relatively accessible from Bergen, one of the biggest cities in the country.

The island had an interesting history before hitting the public real-estate market, per Aktiv. According to the listing, it served as a boarding school for "naughty boys" until 1982, at which point it was converted to a low-security correctional facility.

Take a closer look at the private island, which comes with 30 buildings, hiking trails, and a football pitch.

An entire island located in a scenic Norwegian fjord is on sale for $3.2 million. Erik Steen of Norway-based real estate agency Aktiv Eiendomsmegling holds the listing.

Source: Aktiv Eiendomsmegling

Called Ulvsnes Island, the island was once owned by Norwegian royalty before the church acquired it, per the listing.

Source: Aktiv Eiendomsmegling

For over a century, from 1881 to 1982, the island served as a boarding school for "naughty boys," according to the property listing.

Source: Aktiv Eiendomsmegling

According to Time Out and Daily Mail, its stint as a live-in learning facility for "misbehaving boys" earned Ulvsnes the nickname "Devil's Island" among locals.

Source: Daily Mail, Time Out

The listing agent confirmed to Insider that according to local legend, mothers used to threaten to ship their children to Devil's Island if they misbehaved.

Source: Daily Mail

From 1982 to 2019, the island served as a "low-security prison," according to the listing. It's unclear why the former boarding school was closed to make way for a prison. But per Time Out, the island again changed hands last year, when it was bought by a private individual who turned it into a fully-functional farm.

Source: Aktiv Eiendomsmegling, Time Out

Though it's an island in the middle of a fjord, the property isn't all that remote. The listing notes that the island is a "short boat ride from the mainland" and "easily accessible" from Bergen, one of the biggest cities in Norway.

Source: Visit Norway, Aktiv Eiendomsmegling

According to the listing, the island has 30 buildings that take up a total of 32,000 square feet. Twenty-three undeveloped wooded acres wrap around these houses.

Source: Aktiv Eiendomsmegling

The main residence alone is 20,000 square feet and has "lush gardens and pathways."

Source: Aktiv Eiendomsmegling

Aside from the large main house, the island has a barn, workshops, a boathouse, greenhouses, and a utility building, per the listing.

Source: Aktiv Eiendomsmegling

Ulvsnes Island also has hiking trails, a football pitch, and swimming spots that offer panoramic views of the fjord, according to the listing.

Source: Aktiv Eiendomsmegling

There's also plenty of natural wildlife and greenery. The listing agents notes that the island has housed animals like horses, sheep, and alpacas in the recent past, and it has been adapted for farming and harvesting organic produce.

Source: Aktiv Eiendomsmegling

But the island's new owner won't be roughing it entirely. Ulvsnes' buildings have plenty of modern amenities set up already, like water heaters, Wi-Fi-controlled central heating, security cameras, and insulation.

Source: Aktiv Eiendomsmegling

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