You’ve been doing your supermarket shopping all wrong – simple trick could save you hundreds a year

FAMILIES will want to know a simple trick that could save them hundreds of pounds on their food shopping bill.

It involves switching the trolley for a shopping basket instead – and according to money blogger Lynn Beattie, you'll save money without even noticing you're doing it.

Speaking to the Mirror, Lynn, who runs the Mrs Mummypenny blog, also said choosing a smaller trolley over a larger one will help cut your spending too.

She said opting for a basket or a smaller trolley "makes you focus in on the essential purchases".

That means that because there's less room to put items in, you're less likely to pick up the treats you don't need – which could save your hundreds of pounds over the year.

It comes as shoppers are being whacked with rising prices to their food bill.

That's mainly due to soaring inflation – Katar revealed that grocery inflation hit 3.5% in December, adding £15 on to the bill of the average shopper.

It comes as Tesco's boss warned that the worst of soaring prices is yet to come.

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And experts estimate that the cost of a weekly supermarket shop will jump by £180 a year as inflation pushes up prices with it.

Lynn's hack isn't the only one you can use to lower your shopping bill – here's how else you can save cash.

How to cut down on the cost of groceries

With prices on the rise, there are ways to beat the hike and pay less for your shopping – here's how.

Yellow sticker shopping

When food is nearing its use by date, supermarkets often slash prices to shift stock.

These discounted goods usually have yellow stickers on them.

Sometimes you can get up to 75% off – a big saving on your weekly shop.

Loyalty schemes

To keep customers coming back, supermarkets often launch loyalty schemes.

For example, you can get vouchers, exclusive money-saving deals and lower prices on grub by signing up.

Use food waste apps

Families can waste hundreds of pounds per year chucking away food that has gone out of date.

But there's apps you can use to avoid this – and there's some that can help you reduce your shopping bill by buying food nearly past its best.

For example, Kitche keeps track of the food you bought at the supermarket and lets you know when items are getting close to their sell by date – which stops you wasting cash on food.

While the Too Good To Go means you can buy food and treats from shops including Morrisons, Greggs and Pret at a big discount.

Shop at cheaper supermarkets

Shopping at cheaper supermarkets can help shave money off your bill.

Latest research from consumer website Which? revealed that shoppers were spending £10.15 more on their shopping in November last year at Waitrose compared to budget supermarket Aldi.

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