‘You’ve been cooking bacon wrong – rashers need to be hung in the oven’

A foodie has explained how people have been cooking bacon wrong and demonstrated a way to hang it in the oven so the fat and added water drips away.

Right Guys Review is a popular TikTok account that shares life hacks about food and household items and this latest video went down a storm with bacon lovers.

In the clip, he grabs a £1.35 pack of Freshcure unsmoked bacon from Aldi and slips a skewer through each of the 10 rashers.

He then hangs the skewer in the oven with foil underneath to catch the fat, which solidified in a huge mound of white fat that could otherwise end up in your arteries.

"As you can see, the fat is just dripping off here making this bacon even healthier," the TikToker says.

He then snaps the cooked bacon off the skewer "like picking fruit" and packs it into white bread for a tasty breakfast sandwich with lashings of brown sauce.

The video has been "liked" more than 7,000 times and several foodies said they would give the novel idea a try next time they fancied a bacon sarnie.

One viewer said: "I’ll try this next time hahaha."

"Nice idea," enthused another person.

Meanwhile, another person confessed they liked the crispy part attached to the skewer the most, writing: "Yes but the best bit is still on the stick."

Someone else wrote: "Is the bit you left on the stick up for grabs? Asking for a friend."

Other people said they didn't like "wet cured" bacon where brine is added to the meat during processing, with one commenting: "You know most of that is salt and water right?"

A second critic of the method wrote: "Cheap bacon is injected with water and salt.

"If you get premium bacon you will notice there is none of that white stuff bubbling out of it."

Freshcure unsmoked bacon is 87% pork according to the Aldi website which also notes the product's legal name is: "Ten unsmoked back bacon rashers with added water."

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