You’re buying your Christmas dinner ALL wrong – here are the top seven foods Brits waste money on

CHRISTMAS is the time to treat yourself – but shoppers run the risk of wasting money by overspending on these seven foods.

Brits are rushing to the shops to get their festive grub in amid concerns of food shortages and gaps on the shelves.

Sainsbury's wrote to customers earlier this year warning them that some favourite festive foods could be in short supply.

While shoppers have been warned of a Christmas tipple drought.

But make sure not to buy too much while getting your supplies in, as Which? has revealed which food you'll most likely overbuy and waste money on.

Cheese was the top grub Brits bought too much of, followed by biscuits then chocolate.

Around 11% of shoppers buy too much booze, while the same number bought too many Brussell sprouts and other Christmas veg.

One in 10 buy too many mince pies, while 8% go overboard on turkey.

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As food prices soar, you'll want to make sure you're not buying too much this Christmas during one of the most expensive times of the year.

Brits are expected to fork out an average of £27.49 for Christmas dinner as inflation has hiked prices up.

It comes as the cost of fridge staples like apples, sausages and margarine have gone up by as much as 20% in some cases as inflation rises and drives up bills.

And by next year, families could be shelling out £180 more a week for their big shop as government forecasters estimate that inflation will spike above 4%.

How to cut down on your food shop this Christmas

To make sure you're not buying more than you should, make sure you go armed with a list when you go shopping.

Planning your festive meals means you'll know exactly what you need – and you'll avoid buying unnecessary grub.

Rumbling tummy? Avoid going shopping on an empty stomach.

You'll be more likely to overspend on food by £11 per shopping trip.

Food waste apps will also help you stop chucking food in the bin.

For example, food waste app Kitche keeps track of the food you purchase and warns you when items are getting close to their sell by date, promising to save you £630 a year – which comes out as £12 a week.

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