Your June Horoscope is Here

After the lovingly languid pace of Taurus season and April as a whole, this month could hit some of us like a ton of bricks. For others, the Gemini energy permeating the air may be much-needed celestial spark plug. Check out what your June 2019 monthly horoscope in store.

Our minds have been whirring since Gemini season began on May 21, and our craving for mental stimulation will only grow when the new moon will join the sun in this breezy air sign on June 3. Those who seek out vibrant conversations and make time for intellectual pursuits (or, you know, finish the Sunday crossword) will feel particularly fulfilled.

Our minds will quiet down when the sun moves from Gemini into Cancer on the 21st, just in time for the summer solstice. Lean into these vacation vibes and do what makes you feel safe, secure, and loved. Resist the moody Cancerian urge to fret over summertime sadness and find ways to make the livin’ truly feel easy.

Your social life will be supercharged in the first half of the month, Aries, and the time has never been better to embrace your inner host, join that neighborhood frisbee league, or at the very least make time for your pals outside of work. Your naturally playful side will be out in rare form and your energy levels will rise to match the busy schedule you set for yourself. As outgoing as you may feel, it’ll be wise to make extra time for your family and closest friends — a sudden desire to reminisce on the good old days could strike around the 4th.

When Cancer season comes around, you can take or leave having other people around — as long as you’re in the comfort of your own home, you’re happy. This time of year always brings out the homebody in your normally adventurous sign, and a little recharging is long overdue, so ignore any lingering sense of FOMO and take this time to enjoy your couch and read all those books you impulse-bought.

Brace yourself for a sensory overload this month, Taurus. Your sign always likes to keep all four hooves firmly planted on the ground, but that’ll be an absolute requirement now, as your house of finances, comfort, and stability (a very important sector for Taureans) will see an utter flurry of activity. For one thing, it’s been hosting the sun since last month, which has sharpened your focus on your resources — what you need, what you want, and what you can acquire easily in order to feel good. You may feel compelled to save and spend in equal measure — and you’ll have to keep this balancing act up until the sun moves into your third house on the 21st.

Venus will join the sun on the 8th and urge you not only to pay close attention to your creature comforts, but to surround yourself with them. This is when the urge to spend could outweigh the urge to save, Taurus, and there isn’t anything necessarily wrong with treating yourself. Get some clarity ahead of Venus’ movement during the new moon on the 3rd — under the dark night sky, you’ll be able to get real about where your money needs to go.

The new moon on the 3rd will make you feel uncertain about the future, which could lead to restlessness — and a restless Gemini is a dangerous thing. Find a quiet, productive outlet for your busy mind and try to get some quality rest on the night of the new moon. You’ll have more than enough on your mind later that same week, as concerns around your self-image and a desire to play the field jockey for your attention. Will you log some time with your potential partners or will you spend your days on some solo pampering?

Later this month, the full moon will occur on the 17th in your opposite or sister sign, Sagittarius — hard truths may come to light during this period and you may feel uncomfortable with what you find. The only way through this full moon is to find a way to integrate these memories, feelings, and impressions into who you imagine yourself to be. Do not bury them. You’re a multifaceted, highly adaptable sign, Gem. If you embrace your imperfections you may find that they aren’t all that “imperfect” after all.

Take shelter and find your center this month, Cancer — your birthday season is coming, which means the start of a new cycle. Where you feel this renewal the most immediately is up to you. Meditate on that parts of your life that need nurturing during the new moon on the 3rd. Make a plan for how you can cultivate a sense of steadiness in these areas, but don’t stop there. Ask for additional support from those around you, whether that means setting boundaries with your coworkers or asking for a quiet night in with your friends who’d rather hit the town. Thanks to Mercury sliding into your first house on the 4th, you’ll know exactly how to state your case clearly and effectively.

Cancer season — and summertime, for that matter — arrive on the 21st, but that’s not the only celestial activity to look out for. The first day of your season is punctuated this year by the start of Neptune retrograde. Where the sun’s warm rays will give you the energy you desire to express yourself, the Neptunian slowdown will give you the time you need to do so. Spend the next month rediscovering — or, better yet, redefining — what comfort, care, and fulfillment mean to you.

The spotlight you normally crave may prove blinding at the start of the month, Leo. You’ll feel a strong desire from somewhere in your soul to turn inward and spend some time away from it all. This craving for solitude may stem from a need for self-care, a need for reevaluation, or simply a need for quiet. If you itch to return to center stage, there’s no need to isolate yourself, but before you return to your adoring public, ask yourself: Can you find the same kind of adoration within yourself?

Your tour of your inner self will come to a close on the 26th, at which point you’ll find your roar once again. Treat this as a little warm-up for your fast-approaching birthday season next month — you’ll be in your charismatic element and loved ones will flock to you. All that time alone you logged earlier in the month should keep all this attention from going to your head.


Ready your to-do lists and spreadsheets, Virgo. You’ll be a force to be reckoned with this month, revealing your true capacity to, simply, get stuff done. This burst of energy and efficiency will arrive partly out of pure motivation. Opportunities to prove your proficiency at work, especially when the movers and shakers are watching, will arise, possibly without warning. You’re hardly one to be caught unprepared, but a little extra organization never hurt a Virgo.

But it isn’t just a need to prove yourself that’ll fuel you this month — you may actually discover a renewed sense of purpose and downright enjoyment in your work. Hit the office happy hour you normally skip and make time to get to know your coworkers beyond how they take their coffee. Don’t worry about losing your work-life balance along the way, though: The full moon on the 17th will call you home, reminding you that, for every win you log in your career, you deserve an even more rewarding night of rest.

You’re no stranger to shifting perspectives, Libra. As the diplomat of the Zodiac, you’re used to trying on different points of view when your friends inevitably come to you to mediate an argument. But, what about your own outlook on life? The new moon on the 3rd will urge you to explore new, unfamiliar modes of thinking, in the name of broadening your understanding of the world. A trip could be in order, whether it’s to a far-off locale or your local museum is up to you — as long as it breaks you out of your routine and lets you see things from a new angle, the skies will be happy.

The full moon on the 17th will snap you back to reality, but hang on to what you gained during the new moon — you could discover a new (if not better) approach to your day-to-day tasks. And if you find yourself yearning for another adventure, start saving and planning for the next one now. This full moon may call you to task, but it’ll also afford you the organizational wherewithal to craft a killer itinerary.


Despite the sunshine that comes with June, you’ll be in your moody element as the month begins, Scorpio, with the sun coaxing your thoughts toward the unknown and your desires toward transformation. Where can you turn up the intensity in your life? Or, perhaps more accurately, what do you want to fully commit to right now? It could be your five-year financial plan or your next romantic milestone that calls your name. Whatever you’ve been longing for (and, as any Scorp knows, there’s a difference between wanting something and longing for it), seek to secure it in your grasp before the 21st.

Your penchant for deep thinking will really shine when the new moon arrives on the 3rd, asking you to plumb the depths of your psyche. Sometimes the most crucial info is actually found within. Maybe by the full moon on the 17th, you’ll be ready to share your findings with your closest confidantes.

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This month is less about you and more about the people you choose to spend your time with, Sag. Who do you go to for a laugh, and who do you seek out when you need a wise collaborator? Make time for both (and everyone else!) while the sun is in your house of partnerships until the 21st, and reflect on the value that your entire circle brings to your life during the new moon on the 3rd. You may realize that someone’s been offering you their help all this time, and you need only say “yes.” Even better, you may come upon an opportunity to be each other’s cheerleaders.

You’ll hit a major celestial checkpoint on the 17th, when the full moon in your very own sign lights up your sense of self-worth. Now is not the time to worry about any lingering items on your year-long to-do list. Instead, spend 2019’s one and only Sagittarian full moon celebrating how far you’ve come — but don’t forget to thank everyone who helped you get to where you are.

Say it with us now, Capricorn: “All work and no play make Cap a dull Goat.” It doesn’t matter how much pleasure you derive from climbing the corporate ladder (even though you do it so well) — balance is key. This is not to suggest that you should downplay your triumphs at work, but you should invest just as much time and pride into improving, say, your sleep schedule and your hydration routine. And seeking this balance isn’t important just because it keeps your engine running — it makes you feel good, to boot.

And this emphasis on self-improvement is a two-way street: As you prioritize your well-being, your performance at work will shine all the more. Don’t be surprised if you attract more willing collaborators or supporters this month, but just be sure to use your signature sense of discretion if you feel like someone’s trying to gladhand you into a deal that won’t pay off in the long run. If you learn one thing this June, Cap, let it be that you can maintain your efficient, lovable hardass reputation, while taking it a little easier on yourself.

Let your inner mad scientist have free reign this month, Water Bearer. You’ll be brimming with creativity and an intense desire to play, in both your work and your personal life, and you won’t have a shred of self-consciousness to inhibit how you express yourself. Make time on the 3rd to plan out how you wish to channel your inventive energy — maybe toward an outside-the-box pitch to the bosses or off-the-grid getaway with your closest pals.

Your exuberance should be contagious and you’ll soon have your inner circle under your wing and ready for adventure. But don’t get so carried away on your whims that you neglect the less-than-fun tasks in your life, either. Mercury will move into your practical sixth house on the 8th and remind you that, as brilliant as that pitch might be, your day-to-day routine deserves some love and attention, too. The planet of communication’s timing couldn’t be better, as it won’t just whip you into shape but also sharpen your creative vision. A little clarity (and, yes, practicality) will go a long way toward bringing your harebrained ideas to life.


Call your brother, write that thank you note to your aunt, and finally frame those photos from last year’s reunion, Pisces. Your family and home life will require extra attention this month, and, for a nostalgic sign like yours, a little stroll down memory lane could do just what you’re looking for. Even the tasks that might have felt like work (read: driving all the way to your cousin’s graduation) will be more pleasant than you expect. That said, you will feel the wear of being on call for your loved ones, so be sure to take time for quiet when you can.

Neptune retrograde and cancer season both begin on the 21st, bringing with them a welcome break from the outside noise for your highly sensitive sign. And by “sensitive,” we’re referring to how you process the actions and feelings of others — intensely and with deep empathy. That makes you a powerful healer and advisor for your loved ones, but it also makes your heart heavy, Pisces. Take refuge and heal yourself during Cancer season — and let Neptune’s slowdown reinvigorate your inner life.

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