Your Horoscope for the Week of November 19

As Scorpio season ends and Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius begins, the zodiac will emphasize truth and the big picture—especially when Sagittarius season begins on Nov. 22, kicking off four weeks of radical optimism, curiosity, and arrow-to-the-heart honesty. Just a day later, a full moon in Gemini inspires us to find our twins and connect through rich conversation. Finally, on the 24th, Neptune moves direct, putting our intuitions are back on track!


Happy jet-setting, Ram! Thursday begins a month of travels, expansion, and optimism. Mercury’s in retrograde, so double-check details to avoid any snafus. Friday’s full moon has you speaking your emotions—help loved ones understand your sensitivities while staying curious about theirs. Neptune’s direct in your spirituality zone on Sunday, so trust your intuition!


Sagittarius season’s start on Thursday inspires you to invite others to understand your soul and psyche. While Mercury’s retrograde, show your vulnerabilities to people who’ve earned your trust. The full moon on Friday changes the rhythm of your bank account—stay grateful, and the money will always come!


Love’s in the air, Gemini! Sagittarius season has leading with your heart over mind to deepen current romances or seek the right ones. Friday’s full moon is your annual emotional reset, and on Sunday, Neptune moves direct in your career sector which will provide clarity!


Ritual is healing, Cancer. Sagittarius season’s dawn this Thursday helps you find peace of mind through organization and routine. Mercury’s retrograde, so stay flexible and patient for results. Friday’s full moon offers you closure and healing, and Neptune moves direct on Sunday in your friendship zone—your pals are here to help!


Sagittarius season on Thursday inspires you to share the story of your heart. Mercury’s retrograde, so it’ll feel vulnerable, but it’s necessary. Friday’s a joyful full moon, so surround yourself with friends and fun—you’ve earned it!—and on Sunday, Neptune moves direct in your intimacy sector.


Happy homecoming, Virgo! Sagittarius season on Thursday opens the front door to experiences with family and emotionality all month. Mercury’s retrograde, so conflict at home is likely—just stay curious, questioning, and non-confrontational. A full moon on Friday means magic for your career! Promotions, raises, and opportunities are yours. Congratulations!


Sagittarius season’s start on Thursday has your curiosity, communication skills, and thinking skyrocketing. Mercury’s retrograde, so be skeptical of stress-inducing thoughts. Friday’s full moon inspires you to explore and travel, so follow your intuition to the right places, and you’ll find the joy you’re looking for.


Happy birthday, Scorpio! You’ll return to ground when Sagittarius season begins on Thursday, when financial stability and consistency become your focus. Mercury’s retrograde, so examine money and security carefully, because the universe’s wires are crossed. The full moon on Friday has you feeling sexy and tantric all weekend—make it unforgettable. Enjoy!


You’re almost out of the woods, Sagittarius, and on Thursday your season begins! Happy birthday. Mercury’s retrograde in your sign, so double-check celebration plans and details. A full moon in your romantic sector on Friday makes the weekend powerful with opposites-attract style chemistry and opportunities for love.


Let it go, Capricorn. Sagittarius season starts your month of closure on Thursday, so allow the universe to bring you experiences of healing while Mercury’s retrograde. Friday’s full moon inspires a new routine, organization, and structure. Work on the weekend if you have to—you know you love it!


Friendship never ends, Aquarius! Sagittarius season on Thursday has you socializing, connecting, and reuniting with friends. A full moon on Friday wants you to be brave, direct, and open about your heart’s desire all weekend long. Share your feelings with someone who needs to hear it.


Werk, Pisces! Sagittarius season begins your ambitious month of career promotion and success. You’re ready to rise, so be optimistic about the outcome no matter what. A sensitive full moon on Friday has you looking for places and people who feel like home. When Neptune moves direct on Sunday, it’ll show you where to go and who to talk to in order to find it.

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