‘Yellowstone’ Cast Talks John Dutton as Governor in Season 5 and Which Celebrity Guest Stars They Want

The fifth season of “Yellowstone” opens with John Dutton (Kevin Costner) being sworn in as the Governor of Montana — a tumultuous moment that changes the political landscape of the show.

Cast members at the “Yellowstone” New York premiere on Thursday night spoke to Variety about Governor Dutton’s new role and which celebrities they’d like to see appear on the show.

“I think he’s not a very good politician, so I think it’s gonna be a mess,” Wes Bentley told Variety at the Walter Reade Theater. “Jamie’s desperately trying to keep him on the right track and keep him behaving like a real government but also not shooting himself in the foot, which seems to be his favorite thing to do.”

Bentley said tensions among the Dutton children “have never been more dangerous,” especially after Beth (Kelly Reilly) forced Jaime to kill his biological father and is now using the incident as blackmail. 

“[Beth] had no love for Jamie — and maybe didn’t for a long time even though he desperately wanted it,” Bentley said. “Her forcing him to do that, he’s no longer got love for her. So now we just have a straight-up hate fight.”

Casino mogul Chief Thomas Rainwater, played by Gil Birmingham, has tirelessly fought to reclaim the Yellowstone ranch for his people yet has found himself teaming up with John Dutton to fend off larger threats. Birmingham said there’s “a lot of ambiguity” to how their relationship will evolve in the new season.

“He’s a good governor for his interests,” Birmingham told Variety. “We join forces together to fight the bigger evil, and then John makes a decision to get political. He’s making decisions that are solely based on his ability to hold on to the ranch, and everybody else can fend for themselves.”

More than 11 million viewers tuned into the Season 4 finale of “Yellowstone,” which has slowly cemented itself as America’s most-watched series on cable. Star Luke Grimes told Variety that “being a part of something this successful is a film actor’s dream. You want to be in something that stands the test of time.”

He continued, “There’s something for everybody in [the show]. I mean, even if the cowboy world isn’t your thing, it will be after watching this show. There’s going to be something that sucks you in and keeps you there long enough to learn a thing or two about this western heritage.”

The hit Paramount series has also captured the attention of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Chris Pratt posted a picture of himself dressed up as Rip Dutton for Halloween, donning the fan-favorite character’s dark sunglasses and cowboy hat. 

“I think it’s an easy costume, but it’s pretty cool to see Chris out there as Rip,” Hauser told Variety. “That’s pretty sweet.”

Could we ever see the “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Jurassic World” star make a guest appearance on the show? “I mean, listen, he’s a phenomenal actor,” Hauser said. “If that’s something that he’s interested in, I’m sure Tyler would be happy.”

When asked which celebrity he’d like to guest star on “Yellowstone,” Bentley said he’d love to see Lady Gaga appear after working with her on “American Horror Story” because “she’s just great.” 

Birmingham named Meryl Streep because “she’d be good in anything she played,” and star Kelsey Asbille suggested stealing an actor from the upcoming “Yellowstone” spin-off.

“Honestly, can we pluck Harrison Ford from ‘1923?’” Asbille quipped. “He can be like a long-lost future cousin or something.”

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