Would you make this GLITTER TURKEY for the holidays?

Well at least it’s a conversation starter! Funky Thanksgiving recipe suggests serving up a GLITTER TURKEY that is covered in shimmering pink dust

  • Reynolds Wrap has created recipes for some unusual Thanksgiving day dishes
  • One is for a traditional roasted turkey covered in edible glitter
  • There’s also a Mountain Dew turkey brined in citrus soda
  • The brand came up with three stuffing recipes, too: Big Mac Stuffing, Crunch Wrap Supreme Stuffing, and Popeyes Fried Chicken and Biscuits Stuffing

It’s safe to say that few people have looked at a Thanksgiving spread and though, ‘Needs more sparkle’.

But if the preferences and shopping habits of girls and young women have taught us anything, it’s that sometimes they might not realize how much they needed something covered in glitter until they see it.

And to that end, Reynolds Wrap has debuted a new recipe just in time for Thanksgiving this year for an Edible Glitter Turkey.

Give thanks for sparkle! Reynolds Wrap has put out a recipe for glitter turkey for Thanksgiving

DIY: It includes a recipe for edible glitter that can be dyed any color with food coloring

Just some decoration: The sparkle shouldn’t change the taste of the bird

Reynolds Kitchen, the company behind Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil, comes up with creative recipes using their products. And for Thanksgiving this year, they really reached for something new.

For their holiday recipe line-up, Reynolds debuted a recipe for an entire roasted turkey covered in edible pink glitter. 

‘Make your Thanksgiving turkey the coolest on Instagram with these fun hacks and creative turkey recipes,’ the brand says.

The glitter turkey is made just like any other turkey, roasting in the oven for several hours, depending on weight.

But there’s one exception: Before it goes in the oven, it’s dusted in an edible glitter made from Gum-Tex powder, water, and food coloring.

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Tasty! The brand also put out a recipe for a Mountain Dew turkey that’s brined in citrus soda

And the sides! In addition, they’ve shared three recipes for stuffing, including a Big Mac Stuffing

Meaty! That one is made with McDonald’s-style burgers, American cheese, pickles, onions, and sesame seed buns

Delicioso! For Taco Bell lovers, there’s the Crunch Wrap Supreme Stuffing

The Latin sidedish uses tortilla pieces, tortilla chips, ground beef, and sour cream

The brand includes step-by-step directions and says the glitter can be any color you want, though they picked pink for the demonstration.

The result is a picture-perfect bird that looks roasted to perfection — with a heap of extra glamour thrown in. 

In addition to a much glitzier platter of poultry, the brand also debuted a recipe for Mountain Dew turkey.

This one is made by brining the birth in a Mountain Dew mixture before cooking, which may sound outrageous but would likely just result in the turkey having a slight citrus flavor. 

Hot turkey! In 2017, Reynolds Kitchens published a recipe for a turkey covered in Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

Another option: The company also put out a recipe for a ranch-flavored chicken last year

Snacks for dinner: Finally, there was a crunchy onion-flavored turkey recipe (like with Funyuns) in their 2017 line-up

Reynolds also debuted several fun stuffing varieties: Big Mac Stuffing, Crunch Wrap Supreme Stuffing, and Popeyes Fried Chicken and Biscuits Stuffing.

The Big Mac one is made by mixing actual chopped-up cheeseburgers with spices and beef stock, the Crunch Wrap Supreme one has taco pieces, lettuce, tomatoes, and sour cream, and the Fried Chicken one is — you guessed it — fried chicken and biscuit-based. 

Last year, Reynolds went viral for another unconventional recipe: Flamin’ Hot Cheetos turkey.

They also shared a similar recipe that requires ‘ranch-flavored corn chips’ like Cool Ranch Doritos, and a third that uses ‘onion-flavored rings’ like Funyuns.

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