‘World’s most flexible OnlyFans star’ bends and flashes bum to passing drivers

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    An OnlyFans model left fans in a flutter when she mooned the unsuspecting drivers in the middle of a street.

    Former ballerina Yaela Vonk, who lives in the city of València, pulled a racy prank on the drivers waiting at a red light in the city centre.

    In the video liked by 82,000 fans, she dons a white lace crop top and a matching skirt while enjoying a walk in the sunny Spanish town.

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    As she crosses the road, the model struts and makes a short stop in front of a blue car.

    She turns her back against them and cheekily flashes her bum at the driver and his passenger.

    Onlookers could be heard cheering and giggling after witnessing the surprise.

    Yaela, who is also a mum-of-one, jokingly asked whether she should cease the public flashing as she put in captions: "Shall I behave next time?"

    But followers insisted the model should continue the bold flashes, saying it was all part of her charm.

    One fan wrote: "Behaving is for boring people."

    Someone else said: "Now I want a car and I wanna live there."

    A third person added: "I would hope not, that's one of the reasons I love you the most."

    The former ballerina also recently hit the headlines sharing how she can orgasm “just by using her mind” and how her bendy skills sees her rake in plenty of cash on OnlyFans.

    The 39-year-old first joined in 2019 and now makes almost £30,000 ($35,000) a month sharing saucy snaps and videos online – and is joined by her mum, Bibi Brook, too.

    The influencer attributes her background in dancing to her OnlyFans career and often shows off her flexible skills in public.

    Yaela has also recently told NudePR.com that she’s roped in her family members, including mum Bibi and her brother to help out with her OnlyFans.

    She added: "At first, I asked my mum to help me with content; I would model and she would take the photos, but they went absolutely wrong because she can’t see well in one eye.

    ”Now she helps me with the administrative aspect, like scheduling messages to my fans.

    "She got a lot of critique from me in the beginning but is a fast learner – and now she can do it even better than I can.

    "We all laugh together because it's like a little family business or something.

    “My dad doesn’t really like the type of erotic content I am doing on OnlyFans but he is happy as long as I am happy with my life."


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