Woman with ‘lazy’ eye banned from TikTok five times – and blames cruel trolls

Elley Davies went viral by posting body confident clips to TikTok – but claims she has been banned five times from the platform.

The social media star turned OnlyFans model, from Pembrokeshire, Wales, gained fame online for embracing her ‘lazy’ eye and bashing trolls who attempt to knock her confidence.

Although the trolls have not diminished Elley’s spirit, the 18-year-old has shared that she thinks that they are the reason TikTok have permanently suspended her account a number of times.

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The stunning beauty has an ‘eye turn’, also known as strabismus, which has made her about 80% blind in her left, with her right side working in overdrive so she can see.

Using her difference to stand out, Elley’s social media presence helped her earn an income while studying at college – but was abruptly taken away.

Not understanding why four out of the five accounts she has made had been "permanently suspended", Elley just has to start fresh each time and is now on her sixth go.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Star, the blonde babe has shared how she has to keep creating accounts after being shunned from the platform – and why she thinks trolls are to blame.

Elley explained: “I couldn’t appeal for [first] the account, it was just ‘permanently suspended’. So I tried to contact them and they didn’t reinstate the account. And then it continued to happen.

"When I reported a suspended account (my own) they just said ‘this account has violated many community guidelines’ so I just gave up.

“I just knew I’d have to keep recreating accounts.

“I’m really unsure why I keep getting banned.

“I do makeup, I dance, I pretty much just film myself, like a lot of people on TikTok – I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.

“But then I think maybe it's the troll majority reporting the account under any reason to get the account banned. Although I really don’t want to think people would be like that, it’s likely possible considering the comment sections on most of my videos.”

Luckily, Elley has a thick skin and doesn't let the negative comments and banning get to her.

“It hasn’t affected me much this time considering it just keeps happening, I just have to take things slow at the minute and gradually grow again. And I’m doing the OnlyFans of course and it’s a reliable source.

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“Unlike TikTok, I don’t have to worry about losing my earrings, I lost £1,000 on my TikTok that I had earned on views and likes in the TikTok creator fund.

“And at the time I relied on that money.”

Despite having issues with TikTok bans and anonymous haters, Elley luckily still has huge support online from fans who are glad to see her face on the platform once more.

“The people who support me are always like ‘why does your account keep getting banned?’ and I have people finding me on my new account like ‘oh I’ve found you again! Good to see you back’ they’re so supportive in that sense.”

Daily Star have contacted TikTok for comment.

Moving away from the video sharing app, Elley has started to post racy pictures on OnlyFans for the last couple of months and hopes to earn enough to secure herself a promising future.

She previously explained: “The future is unpredictable, and is expanding.

"Social media is now a big place to build a career for yourself. I believe in what I’m doing is setting myself up for a happy life that I choose to live.

“I want my kids, if I have them, to have everything and to be proud to be able to give them anything and everything they need to live their best life.

"Like always, others' opinions never matter.”


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