Woman wears ‘adult nappies’ because heavy periods last 6 weeks and soak pads

A woman has shown the size of the period pads she uses and viewers reckon they look like giant nappies.

In a video, TikTok user @ayaxh1, says she bleeds through regular pads in under an hour and her periods can last as long as six weeks.

Because of this, she wears giant pads normally used for postpartum or incontinence.

The TikToker holds up the huge pad next to a regular flow one and the difference is stark – with the former looking 20 times bigger.

She wrote: "Talking about periods should be normalised.

"I don’t know why society has made it into something unacceptable to talk about."

The video was watched more than 10 million times and many people thanked her for spreading awareness – but others urged her to see a doctor.

One user said: "No that's not normal love. Please get checked."

A second said: "Five weeks? And that's the amount of blood you shed? My poor girl."

Someone else joked: "That's not a pad that's a whole pillow."

"Those are Pampers not pads," quipped another.

In another video, she said the pad was not uncomfortable at all and didn't make any noise when she walked.

She said she wished it was a joke but it was "real life" that she bleeds through a normal pad in 45 minutes and leaks badly.

According to the NHS, heavy periods do not always have an underlying cause but they can result from problems such as fibroids, PCOS, low thyroid, or endometriosis

Your periods might be heavy if you need to change your sanitary products every hour or two, pass blood clots larger than a 10p coin, bleed through clothes or bedding, or need to use both tampons and pads.

Women might be put on contraception like the hormonal IUD (Mirena coil) or medication like tranexamic acid.

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