Woman takes ‘posed and unposed’ snaps to show how different your body can look

A body-positive influencer shared the difference between posed and unposed social media pictures.

Hannah Blackburn, who posts her journey of recovery from an eating disorder, uploaded a heartwarming post to her 18,900 Instagram followers on the how poses can make your body look different.

In a post she labelled 'accept your body in all angles', Hannah shares snaps of her body both posed and unposed to show the difference.

She explains in the post how it is natural for your body to look different as she says "social media is one big construct full of posts that are made to look a certain way".

She continued: "A person can position their underwear higher and pose in a certain angle for a photo and they can look completely different to how they look in every day life!

"These unposed versions of me are beautiful and deserve just as much love as I give to the posed versions of myself.

"When you start to break away from the beauty standards of society pressuring you to look a certain way and start focusing on what’s right for you, you allow yourself to exist freely + find peace with yourself."

Hannah explains how she was sadly bullied in school for being the "big" one in her friendship group, and how she felt pressure from her peers to be smaller and look like her friends.

She concludes the post by sharing a heartwarming message for her followers: "The only person that gets to decide what my body looks like is ME + me alone. MY body MY rules."

Her followers were quick to praise the influencer, with one follower saying: "You are absolutely right and you look stunning just the way you are."

Hannah prides herself on being open and honest with her followers on how she overcame her eating disorder.

She gives advice and encourages her followers who are in the same position by sharing body-positive and self-love posts.

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