Woman suffers second-degree burn on skin after jaw-sculpting therapy goes wrong

A woman was left traumatised after undergoing a beauty treatment that left her with a second-degree burn on the skin under her lower jaw.

Victoria Quezada, from Sacramento in the US state of California, wanted to have a defined jawline and tried out a non-invasive therapy known as CoolSculpting.

But her experience with the cryolipolysis machine, which breaks down fat cells using freezing temperatures, has scarred her life after having the treatment two weeks ago in April.

The 29-year-old turned to TikTok for help and posted the video. In the clip, she covers her mouth and neck, saying: "What I'm about to show you is a three-day-old second-degree burn from CoolSculpting, it is very graphic.

"My voice is even gone because it sore so much and it even affects my vocal cords. If you have a weak stomach, please keep scrolling."

Then she puts her hands down and reveals her neck and jaw area which a patch of red skin and blisters are visible just below the jaw.

"I have zero jawline, plus blisters under here and second-degree burns, and a swollen face," Victoria continues.

"It's very hard to look at myself, so if this happens to anyone else, please let me know."

She told Buzzfeed that her mental state has "dramatically decreased" and it has been very hard for her to look into a mirror.

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Her attorney Seth Bradley said they plan to file a lawsuit for "negligence and potentially other causes of action" against the salon, which Victoria refused to reveal.

He added: "Ms Quezada has already gone through a lot, and will continue to go through this nightmare so our plan is to get justice for her as well as keep this from happening to any other potential victims."

Dr Alan Matarasso, a New York-based plastic surgeon who served as the president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, said fat freezing is still considered a medical procedure and has risks associated with it when the process is not done properly.

"My concern when I looked at that picture is that some of it may be third-degree, and third-degree is scarring," he said.

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