Woman strips down to underwear to share reality of living with psoriasis

A woman has shown the reality of living with a chronic skin condition.

Claire Spurgin, from Essex, has been battling psoriasis for years.

Her diagnosis leads to flare-ups of flaky skin and rashes, which can be extremely uncomfortable.

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But instead of hiding away, she's determined to raise awareness for the condition.

In a recent Instagram post, the 25-year-old stripped down to her underwear to show the markings on her skin.

She captioned the candid image: "This is an accurate picture of what it’s like living with psoriasis.

"I’ve accidentally scratched my back and have a plaster on my wrist from where it wouldn’t stop bleeding.

"This picture is from last week when i was trailing if stopping moisturising would help my skin and I can confirm… it’s essential to moisturise your body everyday!"

Claire's post garnered 3,500 likes – and many could relate to her skin struggles.

One commenter said: "Accidental scratches are the worst – that's when we can do the most damage."

And another agreed: "I do the same… I scratch my back and bleed through all my T-shirts."

Others praised Claire for speaking so openly about her psoriasis – and praised her for flaunting her skin.

One Instagram commenter gushed: "You're beautiful. Thank you for giving people strength."

Another said: "Thank you for sharing your life with psoriasis. It's tough and mental challenging, you are amazing!"

And a third added: "You're beautiful, girl! Thank you for sharing your progress, I know how bad psoriasis feels sometimes."

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Claire, who was diagnosed with psoriasis in 2017, spoke to the Daily Star about her journey last year.

She said: "When I first got it I was definitely self-conscious. I was 19 and you worry about your appearance a lot more at that age…

"You could have the psoriasis gene in your body but you might not have psoriasis until it's triggered.

"I had sunburn on my shoulders and that was the trigger of my psoriasis, the sunburn never healed, my shoulders just got a lot dryer and then I had the other dots that appeared on my body. Then it kept spreading and spreading."

Thankfully, the junior sommelier has made peace with her autoimmune condition.

She inspires thousands with her posts – and seeks comfort in others with psoriasis too.

She added: "When I made this Instagram, I felt like I wasn't hiding anymore.

"It’s taken me years to accept my skin and to not be petrified to wear a bikini at the beach."


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