Woman shares ‘genius’ trick to mark single men with ‘hit me up’ stamp at bar

A woman was praised for her "genius" trick to pick hot singles at a nightclub with a "hit me up" stamp.

Mel Lloyd, 22, went on the night out with her a personalised stamp when she went out clubbing with friends.

The singleton shows her viewers how she got it done in a "respectful" way.

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In the video, she goes around the tables and bars to mingle with the men she likes.

Then she takes out a stamp and puts a mark on their wrist or arm.

The message on the stamp shows Mel's Instagram and Snapchat handles with a small comment, saying: "I think you're fit. If you're single you should hit me up."

Soon she receives a friend request on Snapchat and she jokes: "First victim of the stamp."

Mel says she has a rule of thumb in dating – no married man.

"This one was married, so no stamp," she said as she was chatting with a man in white shirt.

Viewers loved Mel's idea and said she was being respectful for asking the men if they are single.

The TikToker was also happy that her tactic was working so far, saying: "Personally I went up to them and asked if they were single and if they said yes, I stamped them and walked away.

"I approached a couple and asked if they said no, I apologised and left.

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"All the boys I stamped found it funny and messaging some of them now."

Many fans said they would love it give a go, one said: "Concise details, efficient delivery and bonus points for materials used."

Another commented: "Work smarter, not harder."

"Now ladies, this is how you shoot your shot," a third wrote and a fourth said: "I love this! My fear of rejection could never but I admire this confidence! Yes."


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