Woman reveals incredible hack for turning filthy washing machine drawer sparkling – and it costs £4

Cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch’s hacks are growing increasingly popular for their ability to change the dirtiest of surfaces, trainers and now washing machine drawers sparkling white.

The latest hack to have captivated Hinch fans is a washing machine drawer hack which one woman has trialled and tested, producing excellent results.

It’s not the most fun job out there, but if you keep putting off cleaning your washing machine drawer it can get very dirty very quickly.

But now one woman has given us the inspiration to get cleaning after she showed off her easy two-step Mrs Hinch-inspired cleaning hack.

Posting incredible before-and-after photos on popular Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, the woman wrote: “Feeling inspired by my Mrs Hinch book and journal.

"Though I feel frustrated with all the tasks I have planned to do, it has [revived my mundane] daily life. First task was my washing machine all done and sorted."

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The woman covered the drawer in £1 Pink Stuff cleaning paste and focused intensely on the areas of black mould. She then covered the top of the machine in purse-friendly paste and Dr Beckmann’s £3 washing machine clearer to tackle all of the dirt and limescale – and it worked!

Mrs Hinch loves using The Pink Stuff on everything in her home that needs a thorough clean and she consistently notes it down as one of her most championed cleaning products.

Within minutes, the women who shared the hack managed to get her washing machine drawers from filthy to looking practically brand new.

On the group, people were quick to rave about the ravishing results.

One replied: "Well done. If that was my machine I would of bought a new one instead of cleaning it."

Another gushed: "Well done Susan price and thank you so much for sharing how you did it.. you have inspired me…thank you!"

Meanwhile, a third raved: "Looks like new!!"

One of the more recent Hinch hacks shared by a fan was transforming filthy shoes into clean ones.

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Posting in the Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It Facebook group , a woman shared a snap of some really filthy shoes she owned before then flashing the incredible transformation.

She captioned the photos: “That was a successful attempt at saving trainers.”

And for those wishing to do it too, the lady explained: “I took the laces out and put them in bleach and oxi stain remover with boiling water.

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“I sprayed the trainers with Elbow Grease then put them in the sink with scalding water and bleach and scrubbed with a Minky. I then put them in the washing machine.

“I rinsed the laces then bleached them and stubbed with a toothbrush then put them in a jug with bleach and boiling water. That’s it.”

And members of the Mrs Hinch inspired group, which has over 122 thousand altogether, were quick to show how amazed they were with the results, with the post racking in more than 1.3k likes in just a few hours.

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