Woman in tears after smashing her front teeth from having ‘too many cocktails’

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A gruesome video shows the perils of drinking too much booze in a short space of time and it's not pretty at all.

In a video, uploaded yesterday (April 6), TikTok user Autumn Cathey @autumncathey6 films herself partying with family and friends, with the scenes slowly getting rowdier.

She starts off looking a little tipsy and claiming to have had "four mimosas" but as the party progresses she drinks even more.

With slurred speech, she says she's had "seven" of the champagne and orange juice cocktails.

Autumn is then filmed climbing up a statue and onto the shoulders of a pal and going for a ride.

Unfortunately, it seems her friend may also be a bit tipsy and the next scene shows Autumn clearly in agony, missing her front teeth, with blood pouring out of her mouth.

In the caption, she wrote: "Bottomless mimosas are a drug. Wait till the end. TikTok took it down."

Unsurprisingly, the gruesome footage got quite the reaction on the video-sharing app and many people admitted it was enough to put them off mimosas forever.

One said: "This is me never drinking a mimosa."

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"I've never gasped out loud at a TikTok video before," commented a second viewer.

"And she had perfect teeth too," said another gutted person.

"She boutta be saying 'mimothath' now," quipped someone else.

Many other TikTokers were anxious about the outcome of Autumn's teeth and asked if she was okay.

It seemed she was fortunate because she claimed in the comments her teeth were able to be "pushed straight back in" and she just needed some dental glue over them.

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