Woman considers ‘changing her name’ after giving ‘fake’ name on date

A woman shared on the parenting forum and social media platform Mumset an “embarrassing mistake” she made with her name that she now deeply regrets. Under the username @TheIdiot7 the forum user explained that she feels “like an absolute idiot” after she made the “childish” mistake of lying about her name.

The woman explained that she met a man at a pub and she gave him “a fake” name. “I just made something easy up on the spot,” she recalled.

She thought that the conversation would only last five minutes but they actually ended up getting on “brilliantly”.

The reason why she did that is that her “actual name is boring, old fashioned and a bit embarrassing”.

“So I have occasionally just made something better up if it’s a situation like Starbucks when they’re just putting your name on the cup,” she admitted.

He took her number and they messaged for a couple of weeks. After that, he asked her on a date and she agreed.

After two dates, she still hasn’t told him her real name and she feared it may now be too late. “What the hell do I do?!” she asked other Mumsnet users.

The woman thought she had gone too far and admitted she was “so embarrassed” and felt “stupid” that she had potentially ruined things up with a “lovely man”.

Her post was inundated with comments from other women who have also experienced similar situations or others who simply gave their advice.

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User @Pegasushaswings suggested going out for a “boozy meal” and then telling him when he “has had a few, make a joke of it”.

Another one, with username @SeasonFinale, recommended: “Just tell him. Explain it is to weed out the losers and as he has passed the test he gets to know your real name.”

Another woman, @Itsalmostanaccessory, asked if her “fake name” could be made out as being a nickname.

“I know this is your actual life and you’ll need to deal with this but it is sort of a little bit funny!”

Forum user @BurbageBrook suggested she “could actually change” her name if she hates it that much.

Another one explained that her sister did this and ended up dating the man for years and added that it is probably better to come out now than later.

Others joked saying that this “would be great content for a wedding speech” and the majority opined that he most likely won’t have a problem.

Giving a fake name on a first date is actually very common and a study from 2015 conducted by Chillisauce.co.uk revealed that 61 percent of Britons lie on the first date.

The majority are women and although most lie about other things, such as their careers or hobbies, 14 percent lie about their own name.

Some people may give fake names even on online dating platforms to avoid being Google searched, according to the New York Post.

Recent figures from Ofcom’s Online Nation Report for 2021 revealed that a total of 1.85 million Britons are on Tinder.

According to UK Online Dating Statistics from Inofgram, 81 percent of people lie about their height, age and figure while online dating on platforms like Tinder.

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