Will Rhylee Gerber Return to 'Below Deck?' Fans Flame Rumors About Her Possible Return

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Finding out which cast members could return to Below Deck is a little like finding pirate booty. So when third deckhand Rhylee Gerber (sort of) spilled a little tea about her hopeful return, fans took her post and ran with it.

Some clues point to the possibility that Gerber may return for another season of Below Deck. In addition to her hint, a casting call for a Below Deck position seems to be the perfect fit for Gerber. But Captain Lee Rosbach has had a number of headaches surrounding Gerber. So many, he likely dove through a bottle of Advil during the last charter season just to make it to the end.

But, he too may have provided a hint that has fans begging the question:  Will Gerber return next season? She’s not saying but here are some clues.

Rosbach said he’d work with Gerber again

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And I, you @captain_lee_rosbach ♥️ It was truly a pleasure being onboard @my_seanna with you this season. Thank you for having @josiahcarter_ and myself at your viewing party last night. The fans made it for an amazing night! #belowdeck #runningagainstthetide #jmlexus #viewingparty #booksigning #realitytv #thelifeofrhylee

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Even though this doesn’t point to Gerber’s return, it does open the door for potential seasons. During a recent event in Florida. Rosbach signed one of his books for Gerber with the words, “I would work with you again.” Music to Gerber’s ears considering most of Rosbach’s blog posts about Gerber discussed her temper.

In fact, at one point Rosbach wrote, “This girl is going to be the death of me. What I am seeing as opposed to what I thought was happening could not be more different. What are you thinking when you talk to your boss and say STFU while I’m speaking? That is not acceptable in any situation. You were so far out of your lane it’s unbelievable.”

And then there was this job posting

Rosbach often agreed that Gerber is talented at her job. But is she ready to leap from being a third deckhand to bosun? Some of Gerbers fans think she’s ready, but the question remains about whether Rosbach thinks she is prepared.

Regardless, a job posting for Below Deck surfaced. Producers were looking for a “female bosun” for the show. The reason the team was looking for a female was to accommodate the room assignments. However, men and women shared cabins in the last season of Below Deck. So did Gerber answer the call? And are producers looking for same-sex bunks after the love shack Gerber and deckhand Tyler Rowland set up this season?

Plus Gerber dropped this hint

Gerber got fans excited when she responded to this viewer comment: “All I gotta say is you better be back for season 7,” the fan wrote. Gerber responded, “I hope to be!!” Charter guest Torrie Jasuwan tweeted the image along with, “We hope you are back too.”

Speculation about Gerber fulfilling the bosun role began to swirl when she responded to Jasuwan with just a smiling kiss face and flame emoji. “Coming back as bosun, right @rhylee_gerber ? Hope so,” one fan responded. Another just wrote, “Bosun!! bosun!! bosun!!”

Meanwhile, some were not on board with bosun Gerber. “God, I hope not… I can’t take the tantrums and anger. Causes anxiety.” So will she or won’t she? Viewers will have to hold tight until Below Deck returns.

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