Why Drinking Wine From A Can Is The Latest Trend You Should Already Be Doing

Drinking wine from a can might not sound like the classiest thing in the world, but this new trend is about to take the world by storm.

Drinking wine is largely seen as something quite classy. When in a fancy restaurant, the whole process of ordering, tasting, and finally drinking the wine is the perfect example of that. The thing is, most of us don’t want all of that rigamarole. We just want to kick back with some wine to relax at the end of the day without being judged for the fact we only paid $8 for the whole bottle.

What if we told you there was an even more casual way for you to drink wine? A way in which you won’t be judged for too. Drinking wine from a can. It might sound strange on the surface, but according to Better Homes and Gardens, it’s a trend that is currently taking the world by storm. We’ve got a number of reasons why canned wine is the future of the beverage, again courtesy of BHG.

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First up is the most obvious, the ease of transportation. Canned beverages are easier to transport from place to place than any other drink container. Whether that be bottles, cups, or even flasks. Cans are small and lightweight and you can crack them open wherever, within reason. They also get colder a lot quicker, because who wants a warm can of white wine?

Back to the judging, and some of you might think that drinking wine from a can is something that will get you some funny looks. Quite the contrary if you ask us. The companies currently selling canned wine have clearly invested a lot of time into the packaging and they look great. There’s also no reason why you can’t drink it straight from the can, thus saving you time and money on washing up dirty glasses. You can drink straight out of a wine bottle, but we wouldn’t recommend it.

Perhaps the biggest bonus of all is the freshness of canned wine. Once you open a bottle of wine, time is ticking on how long you have to drink it. Since every serving of canned wine is limited to one can, you eliminate that issue. So what are you waiting for? Go out there and get yourself a six-pack of canned wine. You can thank us later.

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