Why Bon Jovi Don't Fear an Astroworld-Style Tragedy (Exclusive)

“I think that’s a different crowd.”

After almost 40 years of performing, Bon Jovi have never had a serious injury at one of their shows… and there’s a reason for that, according to David Bryan.

Speaking at the recent opening of his Broadway show “Diana: The Musical”, the keyboardist insisted the rock legends do not fear an Astroworld style tragedy — because they always put fan safety first.

When asked if the horrific Houston incident, which claimed the lives of ten fans and injured hundreds more, had prompted Bon Jovi to relook at concert protocols, Bryan said there was no need.

“I think that’s a different crowd,” he pointed out. “You know, for our crowd we just have… we’re good fun rock and roll.”

Having performed thousands of shows in the biggest venues in more than 50 countries, in front of tens of millions of fans, Bryan maintained it was the wellbeing of those fans that was the band’s top priority.

“We always make sure, that’s the number one thing, is security,” he said. “We’ve been playing for 36 years and we don’t have anybody getting hurt, you know, because we really make sure that nobody does.”:

While he agreed fans can get pretty psyched up at rock shows, he insisted “yeah but it’s good hearted, nobody is hurting each other.”

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He reiterated that Bon Jovi’s record speaks for itself, and that the Astroworld disaster would never be allowed to befall their followers.

“Like I said, we care about our fans number one and make sure that everybody is safe.”

Eight victims, aged 9-27, died on the night of November 5 in the human crush sparked by Travis Scott’s appearance on stage. A 22-year-old woman and a nine-year-old boy also succumbed to their injuries in the following days. The causes of death are still under criminal investigation.

Scott, Live Nation, Apple — which held the streaming rights to the concert — and even Drake, who performed as a guest artist, have all since been named in a lawsuit representing 282 plaintiffs.

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